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The Great Falls of the Missouri was Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and the Corps of Discovery’s nightmare. The five waterfalls forced them to portage for a month. Their daunting nightmare should be your beautiful dream destination in Great Falls, the biggest waterfall’s namesake Montana city.

Lewis said the Great Falls were “the grandest sight I ever beheld.” We agree. Great Falls is one of our favorite cities. Encircled by mountains, surrounding the Missouri River, Great Falls, Montana, will enchant you with its art, culture, cuisine, and recreational opportunities.

These are Great Falls’ best places.

Bikers on the River's Edge Trail.

1. The River’s Edge Trail

The 60-mile River’s Edge Trail connects many of Great Falls’ signature attractions, but the trail is itself an attraction. Walk, bike, or ride your horse. Whatever your mode of non-motorized transportation, the sound of the water lapping at your side and the breezes blowing the fresh air in your face will invigorate you. Peer through a free telescope at Warden Park Gazebo. Watch for birds at Sacagawea Island. Bring your skateboard, horseshoes, or tennis rackets to the trail’s Elks Riverside Park.

Pro Tip: Rent a bike from Knicker Biker. Based on your experience and interests, they’ll tell you which trail segments to explore and which to avoid.

2. Waterfalls And Dams

The five waterfalls are (from east to west): The Great Falls, Crooked Falls, Rainbow Falls, Colter Falls, and Black Eagle Falls. Black Eagle, Crooked, and Rainbow Falls are all in the Great Falls urban area. Crooked Falls, with its irregular shelf, looks just as it did when the Corps saw it in 1805. Sadly, Rainbow Dam’s construction has submerged Colter Falls.

Black Eagle Falls

Stand above Black Eagle Falls on the river trail to see the Sun River’s confluence with the Missouri. The view from Black Eagle Memorial Island affords a magnificent close-up view. The thrum of the dam’s turbines feels like the pulse of the world’s heartbeat.

Great Falls in Montana.

Great Falls And Ryan Dam

The Great Falls is 20 minutes east of the city. The river trail extends the entire way and it’s also a beautiful drive. Ryan Island Park features the best views. Park on Ryan Dam Road and walk across a suspension bridge. Picnic under the tall cottonwood trees and enjoy watching the waterfall and the Missouri River downstream.

Morony Dam And Sulphur Springs

Visit an important site on the Corps of Discovery’s expedition at Morony (MOH-roe-nee) Dam. It’s 16 miles northeast of Great Falls on the Sulphur Springs Trail. During the Corps’ portage ordeal, Sacagawea fell ill. Sulphur Springs water helped in her treatment. Interpretive signage on the trail explains the expedition and hydroelectricity.

Pro Tip: To see the waterfalls at their peak, come in the late spring when snowmelt fills the Missouri River.

An exhibit at the Lewis And Clark Interpretive Center.

3. Lewis And Clark Interpretive Center

Built into the side of a bluff, the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center shows the Corps of Discovery’s battle against the waterfalls. In that exhibit, the men strain to push their heavy gear uphill on their long portage around the falls. They expected to portage for less than a mile. Instead, the portaging lasted 18 miles and required a month of torturous labor.

Begin your visit by watching the introductory film, then explore the Corps’ arduous journey. If you’re lucky, Buddy, a 200-pound Newfoundland dog, will be there to represent Lewis’s dog Seaman. After you attempt to drag one of the boats, you’ll better appreciate the courage, stamina, and determination the Corps members displayed on their 8,000-mile journey through the unmapped West.

Pro Tip: Your America the Beautiful pass will pay your admission.

Giant Springs State Park in Montana.

4. Giant Springs State Park

Enjoy the gorgeous blue and green water at Giant Springs State Park. The springs pour out 156 million gallons of water each day. The 201-foot Roe River flows from the springs into the Missouri River. It’s one of the world’s shortest rivers. Follow it from source to mouth on a paved sidewalk.

The springs supply 650 to 700 gallons of water per minute to the Giant Springs Trout Hatchery. At the hatchery, track trout production from eggs to release. Watch the fish in the hatchery’s show pond.

5. C.M. Russell Museum

Immerse yourself in the life and work of acclaimed artist Charles Marion Russell at his namesake museum. The museum complex includes his log cabin and studio, as well as his personal cowboy gear and Native American artifact collection. A permanent exhibit explains the impact of bison on the Northern Plains. This museum is one of the best art museums we’ve visited.

The Milwaukee Road Depot in Great Falls, Montana.

6. The Milwaukee Road Depot

The Chicago, Milwaukee, and Saint Paul Railroad, also known as The Milwaukee Road, built a beautiful brick passenger depot in 1915. The brick tower with its bright yellow Milwaukee Road sign is a Great Falls icon. The depot is part of the Railroad Historic District Walking Tour.

Belt Creek in Sluice Boxes State Park, Montana.

7. Sluice Boxes State Park

At Sluice Boxes State Park, 40 minutes southeast of Great Falls, limestone cliffs and steep canyons tower above Belt Creek. Find historic mine and railroad remnants. Enjoy hiking, fishing, birding, and rafting. Rafters must have at least intermediate paddling skills and be prepared to self-rescue.

Pro Tip: Bring river shoes. You will get wet feet.

8. Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Twelve miles north of Great Falls, Benton Lake is a 5,000-acre wetland famed for birding success. Migratory birds flock to the wetland in spring and fall and 28 mammalian species reside there. In the fall, hunters can bag upland birds and waterfowl.

Pro Tip: Ten numbered stops guide visitors on the Prairie Marsh Wildlife Drive. Best times are early mornings and late afternoons in the spring and fall.

Downtown Great Falls, Montana.

9. Shop, Eat, Play, And Stay In Downtown Great Falls

Buy An Authentic Montana-Made Souvenir

Pick up the perfect Montana-made souvenir at Montana Mosaic Gallery in Downtown Great Falls.

Go Bouldering

Perfect your rock climbing skills at Hi-Line Climbing Center. Before you visit, complete your waiver online.

Enjoy The Tropics With Mermaids

Great Falls is a long way from the ocean and even further from the tropics. But that distance evaporates at the Sip ‘N Dip Lounge. It’s easy to imagine that Scotty has transported you to Hawaii while you watch mermaids swim in the tiki bar’s lagoon, but don’t let the mermaids distract you from the food and drinks. Stay next door at the O’Haire Motor Inn.

Pro Tip: Drink a Mermosa at the Mermaid Brunch held on the first and third Sundays of the month.

An Irish Pub Meets A Montana Steakhouse

Robert Vaughn, the area’s first European settler, was from Wales. He became known as the Celtic Cowboy. The Celtic Cowboy Pub and Restaurant honors his legacy in the Arvon Block building that he constructed. (Arvon for “R. Vaughn.” Get it?) The menu invokes his Celtic heritage with items like the shepherd’s pie -- and the cowboy he became with dishes like the beef medallions. Stay on-site at the Hotel Arvon.

Pro Tip: Fill growlers from any brewery out of their taps.

Savor Delicious Pizza And Brews

Whether you order by the slice or by the pie, Mighty Mo Brew Pub’s pizza is a delight. Pair it with their beers and you’ll wish dinner would last forever.

Pro Tip: If you’re hungry late, Pizza Happy Hour runs from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays.

Buy Fresh At Great Falls Farmers’ Market

Buy from local farmers and artists at Great Falls Original Farmers’ Market every summer Saturday. Enjoy numerous ready-to-eat options while you shop, plus live music and pony rides.

Food from The Montana Club Restaurant.

10. More Places To Eat

The Romantic Reunion Restaurant

The Montana Club holds special memories for my husband and me. I flew from Kansas to Montana on Thanksgiving Day to visit my husband. He had been working a temporary job and we hadn’t seen each other for nearly two months. After I landed in Great Falls, we went to The Montana Club for our Thanksgiving meal. They had run out of turkey. Instead, we savored a glorious prime rib dinner with all the Thanksgiving sides and drank huckleberry cocktails. That was the perfect romantic reunion celebration.

Pro Tip: The Montana Club celebrates happy hour daily.

The Diner With Gorgeous Views

Eat diner classics while enjoying gorgeous views and retro charm at Missouri River Diner.

11. Camp Next To The Missouri River

Dick’s RV Park is on the southwestern end of the River’s Edge Trail. Pull into one of 137 hookups and join the fun.

Explore More Of Montana

Great Falls is 2.5 hours southeast of Glacier National Park, 3.5 hours northwest of Billings, and three hours northeast of Missoula.