Check Out These TravelAwaits Authors And The Books They’ve Written

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Check Out These TravelAwaits Authors And The Books They’ve Written

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  • All products featured on TravelAwaits are independently selected by our writers and editors. We may earn commission when you click on or make a purchase via our links.
    All products featured on TravelAwaits are independently selected by our writers and editors. We may earn commission when you click on or make a purchase via our links.

    Our writers’ talents extend well beyond the articles we share on TravelAwaits. Today, we’re sharing some of the books they’ve written.

    Peggy Cleveland

    A children’s book inspired Peggy Cleveland’s love of travel, so it’s only fitting that the travel writer became an author herself. Peggy co-authored The Tsar’s Masquerade with her sister under the pen name Raphael Mercikovsky.

    The Tsar’s Masquerade

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    Tsar Nicholas II holds the fate of Russia in his hands after receiving a fateful prophecy warning of a horrific future that lies ahead. What will the richest and most powerful man in the world do to save all he holds dear? The Tsar’s Masquerade is the answer.

    This work is not just about Nicholas and Alexandra, the last Tsar and Tsarina of Russia. The novel lifts the Grand Duchesses out of the shadowy pages of history books, gives them personalities, and chronicles their development from children into mature young women. The reader is provided a different look at the character of the Tsar and the mercurial behavior of his beloved wife.

    It is in essence a love story, plain and simple, but not the kind one would expect to find in a typical romance novel. It focuses on the overwhelming love Nicholas had for his family and his country and the measures he was willing to take to protect these two great loves.

    “My whole life I wanted to write a book. I now understand why Margaret Mitchell, the author of Gone With The Wind, only wrote one novel. When you complete a project of that length and depth there is just nothing left. That is how I feel about my own masterpiece. When complete, it was over 1,000 typed pages.” – Peggy

    Sara Broers, Amy Piper, Tim Trudell, And Roxie Yonkey

    Three TravelAwaits writers, Sara Broers, Amy Piper, Tim Trudell, and Roxie Yonkey wrote different parts of Midwest Road Trip Adventures.

    Midwest Road Trip Adventures

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    An author from each of the 12 Midwest states wrote about his or her state, except South Dakota, which was a combined effort. Each author selected geographically dispersed byways within their home state: North and South Dakota, Nebraska (Tim), Kansas (Roxie), Minnesota, Iowa (Sara), Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan (Amy).

    “I wrote the Iowa chapter in Midwest Road Trip Adventures. This book is a collaboration of travel writers that adore the Midwest and all it has to offer. With the return of the American road trip, there was no time like the present to start writing alongside fellow travel friends. We made it easy for you to road trip through the heart of America.” – Sara

    Kelly Hayes-Raitt

    Kelly Hayes-Raitt admits she sleeps around — usually with animals. Kelly has been traveling full-time for the past 12 years as an international housesitter, meaning she lives at no cost in someone else’s home and cares for their pets while they travel. She has housesat in some of the world’s greatest cities, including Paris, Hanoi, and London (during the 2012 Olympics!) and in off-the-beaten-path places like Ya’an, a Chinese village where she was the only English-speaker around, and Réunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean. 

    Along the way, she’s learned a few tricks for anyone who is thinking about breaking into housesitting — or is currently housesitting and wants to up their game. As a 60-year-old solo traveler, she’s convinced housesitting is the safest and most convenient way to travel

    How To Become A Housesitter: Insider Tips From The HouseSit Diva

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    In How to Become a Housesitter: Insider Tips from the HouseSit Diva, Kelly spills secrets on how to assess if a sitting assignment is right for you, how to settle in to living in other people’s spaces, how to secure repeat sits, and more!

    Rebecca Hall

    Rebecca Hall wrote and published her semi-fictional travel memoir, Girl Gone Greek, during Greece’s economic crisis when the country was receiving very negative international press. In her own small way, Rebecca wanted the world to see her Greece, not that of the accusatory headlines. It has now been written into a double award-winning film script. Girl Gone Greek is great for all ages, Grecophiles, and those intrigued about life abroad in a completely different culture.

    Girl Gone Greek

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    Girl Gone Greek is a semi-fictional travel memoir based on Rebecca’s first year living in rural Greece and working as an English teacher. Unique characters that cross her path ultimately help her realize her love for a country where life is certainly not smooth. People certainly stick together and the community spirit is strong, something the main character has never really experienced coming from a “colder,” more independent northern European country.

    Inka Piegsa Quischotte

    After many years as an attorney, Inka Piegsa Quischotte became a travel writer, novelist, and photographer. The luxury and solo travel writer loves the sea, the desert, museums, and ancient history. In addition to Instanbul, she has lived in London and Miami and now calls Spain’s Costa Blanca home.

    Istanbul: City Of The Green-Eyed Beauty

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    In this literary guide to Istanbul, Inka follows the plots of three authors: Orhan Pamuk, Pierre Lotti, and crime writer Barbara Nadel. There are many locations in these authors’ books and anyone who reads them can read Inka’s book alongside to see where the action takes place.

    Heather Markel

    After 25 years in corporate America, Heather Markel quit her job to pursue her passion. Now the multi-linguist travels the world while making her living as a certified professional coach and writer.

    How To Afford Full-Time Travel

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    How To Afford Full-Time Travel is designed for anyone who wants to travel full time, but can’t figure out how they’d afford it. It’s complete with formulas to help you figure out how much you need to budget and whether you have that available now, or, if not, to calculate how much longer you need to save to reach your goal of full-time travel!

    “I wrote How To Afford Full-Time Travel based on my own success traveling full time for four years now because I know there are many other people out there who want to do it but think they can’t afford it, and it’s simply not true! If you buy the book, email [email protected] and mention TravelAwaits and I’ll send you a free copy of the new companion guide for it, What It’s Really Like To Travel Full Time, that goes into more depth about each of the travel styles mentioned in the main book.” – Heather

    Argentina: A Guide For The First Time Visitor

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    The essential guide for your first visit to Argentina, this deep-dive into Argentinian culture helps you set your expectations for a wonderful trip. Inside you’ll get:

    • Essentials: Including plug-types and visa information, negotiating tips, transportation, and more.
    • Culture Notes: Learn what’s important to everyday life, what to expect when it comes to food.
    • Itineraries: Helpful suggestions on choosing where to go by your interests, as well as regional notes and suggested things to do and see.
    • City Centers: A map of the center of some of the most popular cities in Argentina so you know which streets and areas are best to look for accommodation and more!

    This is not your typical “hotel, restaurant, tour” book there are enough of those out there. This is a first-hand experience guide to the culture and day-to-day life in Argentina that gives you a starting guide of where to go to plan your trip. Even if you only have a couple of weeks in Argentina, consider leaving some space in your plans for impromptu destinations. Be open to meeting people that inspire you to visit nearby places you won’t find in a guidebook it’s a surefire guarantee for a fun and unique experience!

    “I spent four months in Argentina in 2019 and absolutely loved it. I also learned a lot more than the average tourist, so I put together a guide that explains some of the cultural aspects of Argentina, along with some helpful information about many of the wonderful places you can visit. Because I know that travelers often want to stay in the ‘center’ of a city they’re going to, and it can be difficult to figure out where the center is, I also include some city-center maps to help you be able to figure out the best lodging options!” – Heather

    Gail L. Clifford, M.D.

    A physician for 30 years, Gail L. Clifford, M.D., has been to all 50 states as well as five continents. This avid traveler currently divides her time between Ireland and the U.S.

    The Experts Cure: How Entrepreneurs Are Changing the World

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    Twenty authors and entrepreneurs offer compelling answers during these demanding times. Each one has a unique story. Each one has a unique solution. The Experts Cure: How Entrepreneurs are Changing the World is an anthology book compiled by Wall Street Journal and international bestselling author Rob Kosberg. 

    It features successful consultants, innovators, and leaders from around the world. They offer solutions to the problems that plague us like fear, failure, health challenges, and starting a new career, just to name a few. They open up their lives and share their victories as well as their struggles. They give us a way forward to both impact lives and increase income.

    Each chapter is written by a different author and has a standalone, inspirational story with practical and life-changing applications. Taken together, they present an uplifting and significant message of hope for the future.

    “This Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-seller had contributions from 20 authors who are working to improve and change the world during the pandemic. The editor asked me to contribute based on my efforts to improve the lives of physicians by conquering the financial stress from medical student loans and learning how to find joy in their lives every day. My ‘why’ is to reduce physician suicide. Losing more than one physician or medical student per day is unacceptable. We’ve got to do a better job taking care of each other.” – Gail

    Mommy Magic: Anatomy And Sex Ed For Preschoolers

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    Have you ever felt ill-equipped to answer children’s questions about the birds and the bees? Read this book with them and have the answers to anatomy and sex education questions. Start the discussion early and build a great relationship with your children about topics others may find embarrassing. With a story that fits anatomically with sex and the creation of a baby, answer the actual question your child asks (not more) and they’ll grow in their knowledge of their own bodies.

    “Mommy Magic is really the fictionalized story of my daughter’s introduction to anatomy and sex ed when she was in preschool. I’d had the artwork done several years ago but with her at home during the pandemic, we actually had it published and were pleased with the warm reception worldwide — especially from parents and the medical community. The importance for us here, the ‘why’ was to help parents learn how to start difficult or embarrassing conversations with kids. My experience, as a child, medical professional, and parent, has always been that education and information make all of this easier. And having the conversation with 3- to 5-year-olds allows parents to lay the foundation for the actual sex conversations when the child is old enough to understand it.” – Gail

    Brain Games For Hospitalized Patients: San Diego Edition

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    Exercising your brain is like exercising your body. With the right program, you can keep your brain young, strong, agile, and adaptable. Brainteasers and brain games are organized on an increasing scale of difficulty from “warm-up” to “merciless.” Fun and engaging games are expertly designed to give your brain the kind of workout that stimulates neurogenesis, the process of rejuvenating the brain by growing new brain cells. Target six key cognitive functions:

    1. Long-term memory

    2. Working memory

    3. Executive functioning

    4. Attention to detail

    5. Multi-tasking

    6. Processing speed

    “The Brain Games series of books came from witnessing the boredom of my patients in the hospital — especially with the social isolation caused by the pandemic and severe visitor restrictions. Having a variety of games to ‘play’ keeps patients entertained and engaged — all good things for stress reduction between physician visits, tests, and other medical care. I’ve used photos of places I’ve worked or lived or visited or been offered by the facility or other sources to add. We learned a version of this could also be done as wedding or party favors (who knew?) — and wedding anniversaries (like 25th or 50th) have been especially fun — creating word searches out of names or streets or other places important to the happy couple. Many more of the Brain Games books are on the way!” – Gail

    Carol Esguerra Colborn

    A former jet-setting Filipina executive, Carol Esguerra Colborn (aka Carolina) shares her American dream, a story of retirement, immigration, and love. At 55, she immigrated to the United States and four years later became a new bride to an American businessman. Together, they’ve created an extensive travel bucket list, crisscrossed North America four times, and blogged about their cruising lifestyle.

    Carolina: Cruising To An American Dream

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    In a little over four years, author Carolina and her husband traveled almost 100,000 miles to 49 American states, nine Canadian provinces, and six Mexican states. In Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream, she offers fascinating facts about irresistible places, surprising insights about unique encounters, and useful guides born out of their experience.

    Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream tells how Carolina discovered America from within the cozy confines of an RV with lessons that came as fast as scenes changed. She not only learned to be a wife without losing her identity but also to be an American without losing her roots. But, most of all, she learned about the beauty of America and her people, past, present, and future.

    Cruising Past Seventy: It’s Not Only About Outer Journeys. It’s Also About Inner Ones.

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    Are you wondering how long you can continue traveling? It really doesn’t matter how much older you are; there’s just too much to cover in this whole wide world. And the older we get, we seem to be running out of time, energy, and money.

    In light chatty style, Carol intimates with you that we don’t have to go to all the places out there in what she calls outer journeys. She shares the value of inner journeys in 41 easy-to-read chapters of lessons learned, changes made, and insights gained.

    This book puts together the most widely-read posts from her blog, Cruising Past 70, about her eight years of RVing and subsequent travels to 38 countries. It also includes excerpts from her first travel book, Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream, and six of her many TravelAwaits articles. By the end of the book, you will know how to blend outer and inner journeys, see the deep and long-lasting benefits of travel, and enjoy an enriched travel life past 70.

    “The older we get, we seem to be running out of time, energy, and money. At 73, I was inspired to answer this question forv those of us who are retired or are contemplating retirement.” – Carol

    Joe Cuhaj

    Based in Mobile, Alabama, Joe Cuhaj has worked as a news anchor/reporter/director, program director, music director, producer, and on-air talent. In addition to his many TravelAwaits articles, Joe has penned several titles on outdoor recreation, including Hiking Waterfalls Alabama as well as Paddling Alabama, which he co-authored with veteran paddler Curt Burdick.

    Hiking Waterfalls Alabama: A Guide To The State’s Best Waterfall Hikes

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    Hiking Waterfalls Alabama includes detailed hike descriptions, maps, and color photos for approximately 50 of the most scenic waterfall hikes in the area. Hike descriptions also include history, local trivia, and GPS coordinates. Hiking Waterfalls Alabama will take you through state and national parks, forests, monuments, and wilderness areas, and from popular city parks to the most remote and secluded corners of the state to view the most spectacular waterfalls.

    Features include:

    • Hikes suited to every ability
    • Detailed maps and clear driving directions from multiple starting points
    • GPS coordinates for both trailheads and waterfalls
    • Comprehensive trail descriptions with mile-by-mile directional cues
    • Waterfall height and beauty ratings
    • Many easily accessible roadside falls
    • Average hiking times and difficulty ratings
    • Trail Finder including best hikes for backcountry camping, swimming holes, and the least (and most) populated trails
    • Information on fees and permits, contacts, and more

    Paddling Alabama By Joe Cuhaj And Curt Burdick

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    From the Appalachian highlands in the north to the Gulf Coast, this guide offers paddling opportunities ranging from classic whitewater rapids to meandering rivers, quiet lakes, and saltwater estuaries. Join authors Joe and Curt for a statewide tour of Alabama’s premier paddling destinations for the canoeist and kayaker.

    Each destination is described and mapped in detail, with information on put-in points and take-outs, water conditions, and flora and fauna. Sidebars and at-a-glance data highlight local history, seasonal attractions and cultural events, restaurants, paddlesports organizations, and much more.

    Robyne Stevenson

    Robyne Stevenson spent three decades as a professor before trading her busy calendar for a tiny-house nomadic life. An avid political junkie, Robyne cares deeply about social justice, the environment, and baseball. Her black cat, Inky, accompanies Robyne on her travels.

    No Time For Regrets: A Novel (Socialites & Suffragists Book 1)

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    A romantic tale of a woman coming of age as a suffragist in the cradle of democracy, No Time For Regrets is the first of three books in the Socialites and Suffragists series. Ruth Reid embarks on a quest to matter in the world of 1917. She longs for status and privilege to take her out of her working-class family and into the world of socialites on Philadelphia’s Main Line.

    She joins the suffragist movement and simultaneously falls in love with a prominent lawyer, Alex. They have a clandestine love affair that requires Ruth to trade public happiness for private ecstasy. Everything comes to a head as the 19th Amendment is ratified and women finally have the right to vote. She makes the hardest decisions of her young life when she discovers it is her own voice that is the most powerful of all.

    “I retired and began traveling in my Airstream. I began my second career as a writer on the road writing articles for TravelAwaits and working on my novel. I have completed two more novels in this series for publication this year.” – Robyne

    Sue Reddel And Diana Laskaris

    Authors, entrepreneurs, and world travelers Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris have created the life they want on their own terms. They walk you step by step through their simple but powerful system so you too can design the work and life you love.

    What Should I Do Now?: A 14-Day Jumpstart Program To Get Unstuck, Make Decisions, And Take Control of Your Work and Your Life

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    Have you lost your job or are you ready for a change? Are you afraid because you don’t know what the future holds? Do you feel stuck and unable to make decisions without fear?

    Is a big question on your mind, “What should I do now?” When you suffer a career or personal setback, or just can’t get ahead, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Maybe you see nothing but a bunch of questions without answers. 

    The What Should I Do Now? A 14-Day Jumpstart Program To Get Unstuck, Make Decisions, And Take Control Of Your Work And Your Life workbook can help you remove the fear and confusion that keep you from getting what you really want in life. This easy-to-follow, step-by-step program can help you jumpstart your progress in just an hour or two a day. Fun and enlightening activities provide a deeper understanding of what will make you happy and help you actively design a truly satisfying future.

    The workbook is written in an entertaining and straightforward style by people just like you who understand what it’s like to have more questions than answers. They’ll be your guides, encouraging your progress along the way as you look forward to each day bursting with new enthusiasm, ideas, and determination. In just two short weeks you can discover exactly what your best self looks like and precisely how to pursue the work and life of your dreams.