Heather Markel

Expert Contributor

Heather finally gave in to her lifelong love of traveling and meeting people and quit her job to do it full time. She's been slow traveling the world on her own since early 2018, surviving travel nightmares, strange food, and living on a budget. Heather started her blog, Heather Begins, as a log of her journeys. Since January, 2018, it has evolved into a resource for travel tips, destination advice, and more.

She also loves cows and attempts to photograph them in every country she visits. This appreciation comes from a special friendship formed during her first experience living overseas in 1986. Heather was then an only child living in Manhattan. She ended up on a farm in the middle of Normandie, France, with eight new siblings. She was overwhelmed. Each day, one of the family's cows, Amazonie, would follow her and lick her like a puppy dog, making her feel accepted and loved.

Heather hopes to inspire others to trade stability for their dreams and created a video series, called The Inspired Nomads, where she interviews other people who left stable income post 40 to travel or pursue their passion, or do both at the same time! Guests discuss what they gave up and how they are affording their new lifestyle.

Heather has previously contributed to Entrepreneur.com and Choice Magazine where she gives insights for entrepreneurs to grow their business.

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