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Shop till you drop is easily accomplished in the downtown Freeport shopping district. However, just a few miles out of town, and you are in the Maine forest, peacefully hiking for views of the Harraseeket River and Casco Bay. Finish off the day with a stop for a classic lobster roll and a craft brew. This charming seaport town will enchant you with her rustic charm.

Shopping In Freeport

Shopping is a big, big deal in Freeport. The L.L.Bean flagship store dominates the downtown shopping district. However, there are lots of great alternative retail options to keep even the most discerning shopper entertained.

The L.L. Bean Flagship Store in Freeport.

L.L.Bean Flagship Store

There are five buildings on the L.L.Bean compound. Start in the center green where you can take a photo by the gigantic, iconic L.L.Bean boot, have a bite to eat, or listen to some scheduled entertainment. Shop for clothing and general camping gear at the Flagship Store. For specialty shopping, stop in one of the other buildings. Hunting and Fishing; Home; Bike, Boat and Ski; and the Outlet stores are fun to browse. The wide selection of products available is mind-boggling. L.L.Bean is a shopping destination for dedicated fans and newbies alike. Note which lot you parked the car in; you don’t want to be wandering around carrying all your purchases!

British candy for sale at The British Goods Store.

Other Shopping Options

Up and down the main drag and side streets, you will find big-name brand stores sprinkled in with one-of-a-kind shops that offer interesting and Maine-focused items.

Set out and explore the town, where you will find big names like Polo, North Face, Sperry, J.Crew, the LOFT, and more. Planning a shopping trip and having all these big names close to L.L.Bean is a real treat.

There is also a nice selection of unique boutique shops, including The British Goods Store, the Mangy Moose, Bridgham and Cook, and Cuddletown. Plenty of places to find that perfect gift, or gifts, for yourself or someone special!

Things To Do In Freeport

Situated on the Harraseeket River and Casco Bay, Freeport offers visitors fun and unique adventures. When you are shopped out, hit the outskirts of town for some time communing with nature and discovering one-of-a-kind experiences.

Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park in Freeport.

Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park

Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park is just a few minutes from the downtown shopping area. You are immediately plunged into a quiet, wooded park. Trails are easy to spot as most begin from the parking lots and intersect.

Trails lead to shaded picnic areas, campgrounds, and the Harraseeket River and Cosco Bay, where you can scramble over the rocky coast. Test out the water. It’s very cold on the Maine coast, even in summer. The area is good for climbing, but there is not much comfy sand.

Several trails are accessible and well maintained, offering pretty views of the woods and water.

Goats at Wolf's Neck Farm in Freeport.

Wolfe’s Neck Farm

Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture and the Environment is an interesting stop. A working farm and campground, the center offers educational programs and is open to the public.

Stroll through the barns, explore the hiking trails, and enjoy the garden. You can visit the farm for free, making it a fun, quick stop to see the animals or catch a hayride. Alternatively, you can stay for a while and participate in a scheduled program or just hike their trails.

Pettengill Farm in Freeport, Maine.

Pettengill Farm

Pettengill Farm is a historic landmark with stunning views and a small peek into life in the 1800s. Situated on 140 acres, the Freeport Historical Society manages the property. The saltbox farmhouse, which Mildred Pettengill used until 1970, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Please note, the house is only open for viewing by appointment.

To visit Pettengill Farm, park at the gate and walk the tree-lined dirt road for 15 minutes to reach the farmhouse, apple orchards, and fields. It is a beautiful area to enjoy a picnic lunch and absorb the fresh air and sunshine.

Hiking Around

Hiking in Freeport is supported by Freeport Conservation Trust, whose efforts have secured over 1,500 acres of Freeport’s natural landscape. The group supports almost 20 miles of public trails dedicated to the exploration of Maine’s natural beauty.

Trail information and maps can be accessed here. Trails for you to explore include: North Freeport, East Freeport, Wolfe’s Neck, Freeport Center, Hedgehog Mountain, South Freeport, and Cousins River.

The Desert of Maine in Freeport.

Desert Of Maine

Once a kitschy, roadside stop, the Desert of Maine has been dramatically transformed into an environmental center. The focus of the transformation has been to highlight the unusual dunes situated in the middle of a forest. Tours, either self-guided or large group, docent-led, explore the history and origin of the Maine desert.

There are wooded campsites for overnight stays, so you can explore the desert at your leisure. It is a fun camping adventure, especially for the younger crowd.

Chocolate Tour

Wilbur’s of Maine Chocolate Confections will satisfy your vacation sweet tooth. One must-have chocolate selection in your basket is Mud Puppy Meltaway Truffles. Made with a delectable combination of caramel, peanut butter, and toffee, they are simply impossible to resist.

Wilbur’s has a storefront downtown and an offsite, separate factory. The chocolate tour is fascinating and replete with plenty of samples. Wilbur’s is famous for its chocolate-covered blueberries, which are made artisanally using the panned method. The panning process uses rotating drums to coat the candy/fruit with a smooth and shiny chocolate surface. It is a slow and meticulous effort to reach candy-coated perfection.

Best Restaurants In Freeport

Fresh, local ingredients handled with the utmost care and crafted into delicious meals and beverages can be found in abundance in Freeport. From bakeries to breweries to farm-to-table restaurants, Freeport has a thriving culinary culture.

Drinks from Maine Beer Company in Freeport.

Maine Beer Company

Maine Beer Company is on a mission to make amazing beer and, at the same time, make the world a better place. Their dedication to excellence and ecology makes them unique in a business world that only looks at the bottom line.

Try some of their seasonal brews like Fall -- a rich coffee stout -- or Prince Percy -- a Pilsner. Pair your brews with a pizza or light snack tray like the local Cheese and Charcuterie plate. A gathering place for people who love craft beers, Maine Beer Company is a fun spot to recover from your Freeport adventures.

Stars and Stripes Brewing Company in Freeport.

Stars And Stripes Brewing Company

Veteran U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Brad Nadeau owns and operates Stars And Stripes Brewing Company. The taproom serves tasty craft brews for your enjoyment. They are passionate about giving back and supporting military veterans and their families. We thank you for your dedicated and continued service.

You can order a flight or grab a growler to sample their tasty treats, but you must try the Semper Fi.P.A., their pride and joy. Other sudsy options include Veteran’s Blonde, Stout and Give Me 20, and Ooh-Rah IPA along with seasonal and year-round varieties.

Grab a seat outside or in the taproom, but make sure you stop in and explore their wonderful brews.

Broad Arrow Tavern

The Broad Arrow Tavern is located in the Harraseeket Inn situated in the center of Freeport. Stepping into the tavern is a trip back in time. Decorated with turn-of-the-century flair, the menu offers classic American cuisine and a wide selection of seafood offerings. Start with the Real Maine Crab Cakes followed by Lazy Lobster Fettuccine for a satisfying dinner. The landlubber can enjoy the likes of whisky barbequed sirloin with bacon blue cheese mashed potatoes. Who's hungry now?

Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster Company in Freeport.

Harraseeket Lunch And Lobster Company

If you are searching for the quintessential lobster at the waterfront, stop at Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster Company. The family-owned business offers picnic tables with a waterfront view or indoor dining. Enjoy a traditional lobster roll with fried onion rings, a seafood basket, or any of their other delectable options for a classic New England seafood meal.

When Pigs Fly Bakery

If you love bread, you need to stop at When Pigs Fly Bakery. These artisanal breads began in Maine and can be found in select locations around the Northeast. Stopping in one of the retail stores, where you have a fabulous selection of their fresh baked goods, is a bakery lover’s dream.

The bakery headquarters is in York, Maine, and produces over 12,000 loaves of mixed-from-scratch bread daily. Try the orange, toasted walnut, and cranberry bread with some fresh cream butter -- it’s a little slice of heaven!

Pro Tip

One day is not enough time in Freeport. Book a cozy inn or bed and breakfast and plan for a getaway weekend to explore this lively Maine port.

Take a drive on coastal Route 1 for a spectacular ocean drive, beautiful any time of year. Head south to Portland and explore this hip coastal city. Check out these 12 excellent hidden gems in Portland, Maine for some inspiration. Treat yourself to a very posh stay in Portland by booking a night at The Press Hotel. Dine at their restaurant, UNION, for a special culinary experience.