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Forget about buying a one-euro house somewhere -- here’s the property you need to take a look at. An entire 11-acre island on Scotland’s west coast will be auctioned this week. The starting bid is $111,700.

As CNN notes, you can’t even buy a tiny apartment in London for that much. What’s more, Edinburgh Live reports you can’t buy a parking garage in Edinburgh, Scotland, for that amount.

A Beautiful Location

Deer Island is located in Loch Moidart, a sea loch, in Scotland’s Highlands. The island is “nestled” in what auctioneers Future Property describe in the sale listing as a “stunning and tranquil” loch on Scotland’s “dramatic” west coast. The island is being sold after being in the same family for 500 years, property manager Stephen McCluskey told CNN.

The island’s closest neighbor is Vanessa Branson, sister of British businessman Richard Branson. She lives on an island known as Eilean Shona, a UPI article reports.

“They use that as a business,” McCluskey told CNN. “Eilean Shona is bigger -- significantly bigger -- but they’ve got chalets and a retreat there where a number of celebrities go and stay.”

The next closest neighbor -- if you can call it that -- is Castle Tioram. The castle is in ruins because it was burned in 1715 to keep it from falling into enemy hands. It was never restored.

A Question Of Perspective

Deer Island -- depending on how you see things -- either has one enormous advantage or drawback. The island is, as the property listing notes, a place that may be “enjoyed with zero chance of intrusion.” On the other hand, unlike the Branson island, Deer Island is completely undeveloped.

“It’s rock and trees really at the moment -- there’s nothing on it -- and never been anything [built] on it, or any application to have anything on it,” McCluskey told CNN. “There’s nothing at all. It’s been completely uninhabited for 500 years.”

Who Would Buy An Island?

About now, you may be wondering, Is there really a market for an undeveloped island in Scotland? The answer, according to McCluskey, is an emphatic “Yes.” He actually expects the island to sell for somewhere between $209,000 and $279,000.

“With something like this you get all different types of buyers,” McCluskey told CNN. “You get overseas investors, wealthy landowners, and you [even] get the romantics who fall in love with the idea of owning a Scottish island.”

The island’s timed auction begins March 26, at 10 a.m. local time. You can learn more about the property and auction here.

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