For the 50+ Traveler

For those who love to hit the slopes, there never seems to be enough time in the year to go skiing! On top of busy holiday schedules, work obligations and hit-or-miss travel conditions, it can be truly challenging to find enough time to enjoy winter while it's here! Luckily for us, there are countries out there where you can not only get your passport stamped to quell your wanderlust, but where you can also plan your winter ski vacation for any time of the year.

Here are five countries where you can ski all year long and see the world while you do it!

1. Austria

Austria boasts several glacial slopes where avid skiiers can get their fix year round. In the area of Kaprun, you can hit the hills and in between runs, take a moment to enjoy a local ice bar. Non-skiers can take free guided panoramic hikes around the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier to take in the sights from new heights!

Visitors to Dachstein can also experience skiing along the Dachstein Glacier which also is home to a international training center for cross-country skiers. If that's not enough year-round action for you, Austria is also home to Hinterlux, one of the only glaciers open for skiers 365 days a year -- so you'll be sure to get uninterrupted access to the snows.Social/SEO

Ski slopes in Switzerland.

2. Switzerland

If you've ever been to Disneyland and wondered what the Matterhorn is like in real life, you can enjoy skiing underneath its majestic peaks year round. For the most avid skiers, and those training for professional sport, the slopes are open along the Theodul glacier are offered throughout the year with gorgeous snow and great conditions.

Conditions in the area are consistently snowy regardless of season that the Zermatt Matterhorn Ski Resort offers a "snow guarantee". Packages for skiers are available in both summer and winter to make finding accommodations easy. The Matterhorn also claims to be "Europe's highest summer ski area."

3. Argentina

While most people don't think of Argentina as being a ski destination, for the intrepid winter sports lover, Argentina should be a destination of choice. One of the highest ski resorts in Argentia, Las Leñas has altitude to thank for its reliable snow year round.

It may also be tempting to head to the beach while in Argentina, so you can spend a few days getting some sun, then hop on a 90-minute flight from Buenos Aires to enjoy the ultra-dry powder and unique conditions that make this destination so attractive for skiers. So, for this trip you'll need to pack your sunscreen and your snow shoes, but it will be a memorable trip to say the least!

Ski slopes in New Zealand.

4. New Zealand

If going this far below the Equator is a once-in-a-lifetime destination for you, you'll be pleased to know that you can also squeeze in your favorite winter slopes amidst your tours of Kiwi country.

New Zealand is not known for having the most expansive ski resorts, but it is home to two skiing destinations along Mount Ruapehu: Turoa and Whakapapa.

Mount Ruapehu is an active volcano at the southern end of the Taupo Volcanic Zone in New Zealand. Fortunately for skiers, the last eruption was in 2007 and you can relax at either the Chateau Tongariro Hotel in between runs. No matter what resorts or experiences you choose while visiting New Zealand, you'll have plenty to explore during your stay.

5. Canada

Canada is not only home to the much-beloved Tim Horton's coffee shop chain and grade-A maple syrup, but it hosts plenty off year round skiing in British Columbia to scratch your winter activity itch. While visiting British Columbia, head over to the Blackcomb Glacier to experience the gorgeous summer scenery paired with skiable slopes.

In under an hour, you can ride up Blackcomb Glacier by chairlift to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Whistler Valley below before skiing your way down. With slopes geared for every experience level, there is no shortage of options to enjoy the snow in Canada!

Ski slopes in France.

6. France

While Paris may get most of the acclaim, for the avid skier, Les 2 Alpes is a destination not to be missed! The Mont-de-Lans Glacier is open for skiing for the majority of summer. Skiers can hit the slopes with 11 different runs to choose from from from mid-June through most of August. While in France, you can also visit The Grande Motte Glacier in Tignes. This resort in Tignes offers winter and summer skiing and prides itself on having slopes geared for more intermediate to advanced skiers. In France you can enjoy a summer camp at nearby lake, and make your way up the glacier for summertime snow sporting!

So, if you're planning your next ski trip and life's gotten in the way, don't despair! You still have plenty of time to plan your next ski adventure, which can be enjoyed any time of year. Plus, you'll likely get a few key stamps in your passport to boot!