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This is no joke: According to AuntyFlo’s dream dictionary, “when you have a dream that you are in a treehouse or you see a treehouse in your dream, it means that you are trying to avoid the reality of your day to day life and you are running away from the problems you have.” So, why not run away to a real treehouse?

One treehouse in particular has become the most popular Airbnb in the entire state of Florida, and that’s saying something when you consider there are more than 45,000 hosts in the state. Listed as “Treehouse hosted by Dan And Deborah” on, it’s located in Danville, Florida, and it might just be the escape you have dreamed of.

The amazing treehouse Airbnb in Florida.

“I have tried to make this one of the most unique treehouses in the United States,” writes owner Dan. “It is located on a 5 acre parcel of ground surrounded by oak and magnolia trees.”

The elevator at the treehouse Airbnb in Florida.

The treehouse is a three-level, 18-foot yurt, built 15 feet up and supported by two giant oak trees. No rope ladders or wooden slats nailed to a tree though -- instead you’ll use a residential elevator disguised as a tree trunk to get yourself up into the trees.

Inside the treehouse Airbnb in Florida.

The yurt features panoramic windows, a skylight, 14-foot ceilings, and a full bath with bidet. The kitchen area has a microwave, mini-fridge, and full sink.

Inside the treehouse Airbnb in Florida.

The main area doubles as the sleeping quarters. You’ll tuck into a queen-size Murphy bed that will allow you to fully utilize the space during the day and night. You’ll also find a flat-screen satellite TV and high-speed Wi-Fi.

The upper deck of the treehouse Airbnb in Florida.

Climb the built-in classic fire tower stairway to the upper deck, where you’ll find a hanging swing chair and picnic area with gas grill, gas fireplace, and seating for four overlooking the property below. On the middeck, Dan has built a two-person shower and installed a hot tub built from a DC 10 jet engine cowling.

The fire pit and tiki hut at the treehouse Airbnb in Florida.

Back on the ground, you’ll find an open wood fire pit and a tiki hut where you can relax with what Dan calls “spectacular tree trunk seating.”

The treehouse Airbnb in Florida.

Another nice amenity: the use of a golf cart to get around on Danville’s paved trails or to the nearby grocery store, where you can pick up food and snacks.

The treehouse will run you about $180 per night. The hosts are committed to Airbnb’s 5-step enhanced cleaning process, which includes offering only paper and plastic dining ware, so no plates or glassware. If you want these items, be prepared to bring your own. House rules state that the treehouse is not suitable for children under the age of 12, and no pets, parties, or smoking are allowed.

To book your stay or just enjoy the incredible photos of this treehouse wonderland, visit the treehouse’s page on For more incredible rental home inspiration, consider:

Editor’s Note: The dream dictionary entry referenced in the first paragraph of this article can be accessed here.