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Everyone knows it as the Most Magical Place On Earth, but like anywhere else on earth, the Most Magical Place has rules, and if you break them, it could mean being removed from Walt Disney World property for the day, or forever.

Rule-breaking, especially on Disney property, apparently has become a badge of honor for some, as there are literally hundreds of stories online chronicling the exploits of strange and wacky deeds that ended with a person being kicked out, or banned for life. Quite a result for 15 minutes of fame.

You may remember the camper on Disney’s Discovery Island, the former zoological park that closed in 1999. In May, an Alabama man was arrested for trespassing after spending several nights on the deserted island. This is definitely one way to be banned from Disney, but what other behaviors can cause a visitor to be kicked out or banned? There are quite a few. Some are pretty obvious. Some, not as much.

What Will Get You Removed Or Banned From Disney

Officially, we cannot find the words removed or banned on Disney’s official website for rules and regulations, but there are still a lot of prohibited acts and items. We took a look at the list, and then examined news reports and determined that the following will end your day at Disney in a not so happy way.

1. Weapons

Bring a gun, even a bullet, a knife, or any other item deemed a weapon and you’re gone. This also includes self-defense items such as pepper spray.

2. Marijuana

Even as it becomes legalized around the country, it’s not welcome at Disney, so keep the pot at home. In fact, there is no smoking allowed in general. Also, note that CBD is not welcome either. This has created much confusion and lawsuits are now pending in several cases.

3. Selfie Sticks

The popular gizmos that people attach their phones to in order to take pictures are specifically banned and have been for 5 years. Yet, it remains a popular reason why so many people are removed from the park. Having a selfie stick probably won’t end with a ban, but why risk it?

4. Posing As A Disney Character

While it’s okay to wear your favorite Goofy T-shirt, do not create a mockup or in any way attempt to impersonate a Disney character. This is another popular reason why many are asked to leave. And you can bet this could lead to being banned as well.

5. Hitting, Harassing, Or Assaulting A Disney Character

Sadly, this has become a past-time for some who believe videoing assaults on Disney employees is acceptable. According to multiple media reports, Disney cast members have been touched inappropriately, struck, spit on, and had beverages and food thrown on them. This action appears to be one of the top reasons people are banned.

6. Unauthorized Backstage Access

There is an allure to the back workings of the park, but visitors are not welcome to check out any of these areas on their own. It is a place of work for the cast members, but still, hundreds of attempts to circumvent security have been reported. The est advice, let the illusion live for the kids and keep to the normal route of the park.

7. Unauthorized Banners, Flags, Speeches

Disney is very specific about not wanting to be a place for protests or commercialization of anything not-Disney. The reason given is safety, but political protests are not Disney’s image. They’ve been known to move swiftly in recent years to break up such gatherings and remove all involved.

8. Unauthorized Videotaping

You are free to take as many pictures, minus the selfie stick, and videos as you want, but please don’t take that video while riding on the rides. This action grew with the advent of YouTube and YouTubers. The main issue has been people dropping their cameras and affecting the safety of the rides.

9. Engaging In An Unsafe Act

This can be interpreted in many ways, but from what we can see online, there are a few ways that stand out, beginning with swimming. Part of the beauty of Disney is that the landscaping throughout the parks includes multiple water features, lagoons, lakes, and rivers. Entering any of these for a dip is not a good idea. Remember our friend from Alabama?
Another unsafe act is called ride intrusion. This apparently happens often, and usually involves slower rides that have minimal restraint, allowing guests to jump off. Disney has since installed sensors to trigger a shut down if movement on floors is detected.

10. Balloons

Yes, balloons. Now, this is not listed on any official Disney pages, but plenty has been written about it because it's not absolute. There are parts of the park where balloons are sold, but none of those are where live animals are kept. According to, balloons are banned inside Animal Kingdom in order to help keep the animals safe. Also banned here are plastic straws and drink lids. You will be asked to leave if you violate this rule.

As we said, some of these rules are fairly obvious, and you can see most of them here. If you’re traveling to Orlando for a Disney vacation anytime soon, make sure you check out all the new changes instituted recently to protect you and the staff from COVID-19. You can also see all our theme park content here.