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Restrictions on border crossings between the United States and Canada are set to be extended for at least another month.

The Canadian Press reported Wednesday night that the border closure, which has been in place since March because of the coronavirus pandemic, will be extended until December 21. It was set to expire Saturday.

The Canadian Press said a formal announcement is expected from both Canadian and American officials later this week.

The restrictions on travel between the two countries have been in place in an attempt to keep COVID-19 from spreading. With cases raging at a record pace in the United States, the extension had been expected.

The American death toll from the virus surpassed 250,000 residents this week.

The two countries have been extending the restrictions on a 30-day basis as each deadline approached. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) most recently extended the restrictions in October.

The ban applies to all non-essential travel. Essential cross-border workers such as healthcare professionals and truck drivers are still permitted to cross.

A similar ban is in effect at the Mexico border as well, although travel into and out of the country by plane is allowed with a number of restrictions. Reports indicate that ban will also be extended for another month by DHS officials. See our coverage of the latest travel news here.