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Oceania is planning big things for its fleet in the coming years, and it all starts with four of its ships, which will be undergoing major renovations over the next few years. Oceania is dedicating $100 million to brightening up its four oldest cruise ships with fresh new looks and some modern conveniences.

This exciting news comes from Cruise Critic, who laid out a number of plans in store at Oceania, which are all part of a multiyear project called OceaniaNEXT. The fittingly titled project will begin with major refurbishments to Regatta Class ships Insignia, Sirena, Regatta and Nautical. According to Cruise Critic, they're starting with Insignia, which will undergo its updates this year with an eye to be complete by December 7, 2018. Sirena will be next, wrapping up its makeover in May 2019, after which Regatta will be updated (September 2019) and finally Nautica (June 2020).

The new look can be glimpsed in the video Cruise Critic shared (above), which talks about some of the updates the luxury cruise line is set to make and shows off a few stunning glimpses at the updates they have in store for their cabins and public spaces.

Oceania cabin updates
Image Credit: Cruise Critic Video

It looks like they'll be brightening up their cabins and common areas to give the ships a more modern feel. The cabins will lose their dark-wood and brown hued look in exchange for a sea and sky-inspired theme, aiming for a lighter, more modern style. Updated technology will also be incorporated into the staterooms, including USB ports and an interactive TV system which will offer movies on demand and weather forecasts. Updates are also in store for the cabin bathrooms, including a bit more room to spread out inside Suite-level bathrooms.

Oceania Cabin
Image Credit: Cruise Critic Video

The fact that Insignia is the first ship set to get its big makeover should be exciting for those who are boarding the ship in January of 2019 for its 172-day World Cruise, which sets sail out of New York. Getting to stay in a recently updated cabin and relax or mingle in refurbished lounges and dining areas is exciting for any cruise, but it's likely to be an even bigger deal for those planning to spend more than 170 days aboard a cruise ship as it travels across the globe visiting dozens of ports along the way.

Oceania renovated common llunge
Image Credit: Cruise Critic Video

From what Cruise Critic reports. These renovations are just the first phase in a series of updates included in Oceania's OceaniaNext project. Down the line, they're planning updates for their dining program and an eventual focus on destination, so we'll hopefully be hearing more updates from Oceania as they move ahead with this project.