For the 50+ Traveler

While the Disney Cruise Line is obviously considered a favorite kid-friendly vacation, it is also a great experience for people of all ages. Traveling without the grandkids? You'll have a great time regardless. Here's an adult's guide to enjoying a Disney Cruise.

The top deck of a Disney cruise ship.

1. The Amazing Food

The restaurants you will find onboard a Disney Cruise are absolutely fantastic. While the majority of the meals on the ship will be included, it is worth it to spend a little extra to dine at some of the quality restaurants.

For example, if you have booked a vacation on the Disney Wonder, check out Palo. This is fine dining at its absolute best and the view is truly breathtaking.

Even though you are going to be sharing a table with others during dinner, Disney makes an effort to only pair adult parties with one another.

2. Highly-Rated Events And Entertainment

The first "job" of Disney is to provide entertainment to its guests. Remember, it's a mega-corporation, owning ABC, Pixar, ESPN, Touchstone, Marvel, and such lucrative fictitious franchises as Star Wars and FOX News. Bottom line: on a Disney cruise, you can see first-run movie screenings - all in 3D.

Also, with all the assets under Disney's belt, the Disney Cruise Line offers live, original performances, including Broadway talent. You can enjoy classic shows or a taste of something new, making it is an appealing draw for audiences of all ages.

Tourists sunbathing on a Disney cruise.

3. Characters Aren't Lurking Around Every Corner

Are you worried that characters like Goofy, Mickey and all their friends are going to become somewhat annoying to you after an hour or two on the ship? Well, don't be. While there are characters onboard, they're only going to appear at certain times and in specific locations. All this is noted on the schedule you receive at the beginning of each day.

While there may be a few "surprise" appearances, the characters aren't going to get in your face. As a result, you can easily avoid them if you choose to do so.

4. Access To The Adults-Only Pool

If you aren't traveling with kids, you don't have to worry about being around them if you don't want to be. The kids mostly gravitate toward the pools with giant waterslides, while you're free to enjoy the cool, calm waters of a pool just for adults.

Relaxation is a breeze when you spend some time on the adults-only deck.

The luxury interior of a Disney cruise ship.

5. Amazing Service And Luxury Amenities

The Disney Cruise Line has continually been noted for its impeccable service. In fact, it has made quite the name for itself in the hospitality industry. All of the cruise ships - Fantasy, Dream, Wonder, and Magic - are reminiscent of luxury ocean liners from the 1930s, but each vessel has a subtle Disney focus.

As an adult, you can enjoy perks that may not be appealing to the younger guests. This includes spacious staterooms that are cleaned twice a day, a full spa including hot tubs, and a designated waitstaff who will make it a point familiarize themselves with your preferences and itinerary.

6. Virtually Everything Will Be Included

If you spend a single day in one of the Disney parks on dry land, then you're going to spend quite a bit on food. During your Disney Cruise, you will get to eat for free in a handful of different dining rooms every night.

Additionally, all the ships in the fleet offer counter service eateries and buffet options - all for adults only. You will have to pay extra for some things on board, such as salon and spa treatments, alcohol, ice cream and specialty coffee. However, when you consider the caliber of service, and the fact that soda is included in the fare you pay (unlike other cruise lines) this offers a great value for your money.

A Disney cruise ship.

7. The Beverage Seminars

Worried you may become bored if you don't have kids with you? Think again. You can simply sign up for one of the several onboard beverage seminars that are offered. If you enjoy sipping on grownup juice from time to time, then you can even register to participate in martini tastings, liquor tastings, wine tastings and more. There really is something for everyone on a Disney Cruise, and it doesn't have to be rated G.

8. There Isn't Too Much "Disney"

While you are on a Disney Cruise, and there are reminders of that fact on the ships, you won't be overwhelmed by Disney-themed décor. Also, many of the adults-only areas are refreshingly Disney-free. If this is appealing to you, then you should consider book a cruise on the happiest line on Earth.