For the 50+ Traveler

Taking a long trip doesn't have to be isolating. Staying in touch with family can keep you happy and safe - and these tips make it easy and affordable!

1. Find A Solid Internet Connection

The Internet has changed the world forever, transforming how we communicate in the most amazing ways. With the click of a few buttons, you can share video with someone thousands of miles away, bringing people closer together no matter the distance.

The expansion of affordable Wi-Fi has made it easy to maintain a connection almost anywhere. Make a reliable Internet connection a priority when you are booking your accommodations. The majority of hotels and resorts you can choose from will offer Wi-Fi as a complimentary amenity, but it's important to call ahead and ask if you are uncertain. Certain countries such as Australia and New Zealand charge more for a connection, so you may want to keep this in mind while booking a getaway.

Even if the Internet is spotty and a tad pricey, Internet cafes are a great option when you want to send a quick email or Facebook message.

2. Consider International Calling Cards

If you are vacationing in an especially remote area, the chances of securing a stable Internet connection are slim and none.

If you know it's going to be really difficult to get online, international calling cards can come in handy to reach your loved ones back home. They allow you to make calls overseas with prepaid and monthly billing options. Although this method of communication may seem outdated to some, you can never be too prepared when you leave the country and travel somewhere off the beaten path.

Even if international calling cards become your last resort, you never know when a quick phone call may come in handy! Pay phones do still exist - be prepared with a calling card if you are stuck using one.

Pay phones

3. Download The Skype App

The ways we can now communicate are endless, and at the forefront of this revolution is video chatting. One of the top products in this arena is Skype - and this application can be a total lifesaver if you want to keep in touch with loved ones on your travels.

Skype allows you to make international video calls from around the globe, enabling face-to-face connections with anyone in just a few seconds. The even bigger benefit of using this app? A call between one registered Skype user and another is completely free of charge.

Use your phone or laptop wherever a Wi-Fi connection is available (you will need a reliable one). This service is also perfect for keeping up with events at work if you don't want to miss a beat while out of the office.

Skype simplifies world travel for those who need to stay in touch no matter where their itinerary takes them.


4. Create A Communication Schedule

No matter how meticulously you plan your itinerary, travel inevitably gets hectic. With all of the places to visit and things to see, you may go days - or possibly weeks - without checking in with any family back home.

Even communication apps on your phone or laptop are of limited use when you're away from a reliable internet connection. A simple solution to this problem is creating a communication schedule with family before you leave on your trip. This sort of communication pact allows you to inform loved ones of your travel plans. By letting them know when they can expect to hear from you, you give them a chance to check in and make sure that you're safe and sound and enjoying your trip.

An easy way to stick to a set schedule is to plan a time once a week or once a week where you will call and catch up. You can also plan to send out a mass Facebook message to your family and friends once a week, sort of like a weekly recap of your activities, itinerary, and overall well-being.

Maintaining even the simplest communication schedule will give you - and your family - peace of mind.

Calendar with a coffee mug on top.

5. Send Postcards For A Personalized Touch

With so much technology at our fingertips, "snail mail" can practically feel like an ancient practice, even though there are post offices all over the world that work perfectly well.

Sending letters and postcards by mail is still very useful, especially if you want to add a personal touch to your communications. Simply purchase some stamps at a nearby tourist shop, address your mail, and find a local post office or postbox. There is something so very endearing about receiving a handwritten letter or postcard - and your family will be sure to cherish it long after your trip is over.

Postcards also serve as collectible souvenirs, so you're killing two birds with one stone here - and making things easier or yourself while overseas is always a plus.

Traveling far from home doesn't have to cause unnecessary anxiety and stress. Use these tips for communication and your family and friends will never be left wondering what you're up to. You can share your adventures with everyone you love, even wile you're on the go!