The Ultimate List Of Travel Items For Your Next Trip

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The Ultimate List Of Travel Items For Your Next Trip

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  • All products featured on TravelAwaits are independently selected by our writers and editors. We may earn commission when you click on or make a purchase via our links.
    All products featured on TravelAwaits are independently selected by our writers and editors. We may earn commission when you click on or make a purchase via our links.

    It is hard to prepare for every possible scenario while traveling, and impossible to bring all of your belongings and tools on the road with you -- unless traveling by RV, of course. TravelAwaits has made your packing job easy by screening popular travel products and providing our list of top travel accessories for 2021. You may not be able to bring everything you want along, but you won’t want to forget these incredibly practical, and easily packable, travel accessories on your next trip.

    The Best Travel Accessories

    Samsonite Omni 20″ Expandable Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

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    If you travel light and prefer to not check bags, the Samsonite Omni hard shell carry-on is a great option for you. At 20 inches, it meets carry-on size regulations, so you can stow it overhead rather than below-deck. Plus, it has four multi-directional wheels for smooth movement.

    This suitcase comes with a TSA-approved lock to protect your belongings. A handy zippered internal modesty pocket holds items that you would prefer to keep contained.

    Looking for a whole set? Here’s the three-piece. To view our full list of hard shell luggage, check out: The Best Hard Shell Luggage.

    Shacke Pak – 4 Set Packing Cubes

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    Keep your luggage organized and individual items well contained with these handy packing cubes. Shacke Pak cubes are made from high quality, water-resistant nylon to protect from the normal wear and tear of traveling. The set includes four cubes of varying sizes as well as a laundry bag for dirty clothes. Make sure you make the most of your limited luggage space with these space-saving cubes!

    TRTL Travel PIllow

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    Depending on your travel methods and preferences, finding a little shut-eye can be a challenge and bring about plenty of uncomfortable upright sleep positions. The Trtl Pillow is designed to keep your neck supported while sleeping upright, such as on a plane or on a long car ride. Made from a cozy fleece material and designed to look like a scarf, the pillow is great for sleeping on the go. It is lightweight at half of a pound and machine washable for easy care.

    BAGSMART Travel Backpacks Laptop Bag

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    The BAGSMART Laptop Backpack helps alleviate some of the stress of traveling with a laptop or other electronic device. Getting through security will be a breeze with the TSA-friendly compartment specifically for your electronics, and it’s designed to fit laptops up to 15.6 inches. It is made with water-resistant materials and lined with foam for optimal laptop protection on the go. The sleek, trimmed-down design is great for any setting.

    If this laptop bag isn’t quite your style, check out: The Best Laptop Bags.

    Bio Ionic GoldPro Travel Dryer

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    This amazing travel-sized blow dryer is so much more powerful than your average travel dryer. It packs a punch with a 1200W motor, but is also super packable with a foldable handle. The ceramic barrel, infused with Bio Ionic’s proprietary mineral complex, locks in moisture while drying it to leave you with luscious, frizz-free, and shiny locks.

    Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Bag

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    Don’t let someone run off with your purse and everything you’ve trusted it to protect! The Travelon anti-theft purse is specifically designed to be slash-resistant and secure. Additional features include locking zippers, RFID blocking materials, and specific slots for your passport and other valuables so that they are protected yet still easily accessible to you as needed.

    Vemingo Family Passport Holder And Travel Wallet

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    Keeping track of and safeguarding money and important documents can be a real concern when traveling with a family. Vemingo’s Family Passport Holder and Travel Wallet provides a stylish and convenient carrier for up to four passports and contains RFID blocking materials to protect your personal data and credit cards. In addition to passports, you will find space for up to 13 credit cards, a zipper section for coins, and large pockets to store bills and cell phones.

    To view the full list, please visit: The Best Passport Covers.

    Waypoint Goods Travel Scarf

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    Keep your valuables close at hand and away from unwanted attention with the Waypoint Goods travel scarf. This infinity-style scarf comes in multiple colors and prints to match your unique style, but more importantly, it can be used to safeguard your cash, passport, phone, and other valuables securely around your neck. Simply put on your scarf, add what you want into the secret zippered pocket, adjust for comfort, and go about your day.

    Atitlan Leather Money Belt

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    If you are looking for a fashionable way to protect your money while traveling, then look no further. The Atitlan leather money belt is both fashionable for daily wear and practical with a hidden zipper compartment on the inside to store backup money and a copy of your passport. Don’t get caught empty-handed if you fall prey to a thief; keep some money secure and accessible while out and about.

    To view more money belts and fanny packs, check out: The Best Fanny Packs For Travel.

    LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

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    Fresh water is not always guaranteed when exploring the great outdoors. The LifeStraw water bottle allows you to fill up with water from nearby lakes and streams, and the filter in the straw will provide up to 264 gallons of clean drinking water over the life of the filter! Great for long hikes or camping trips when lugging around fresh drinking water is less than ideal. Replacement filters can easily be purchased online to ensure fresh water time and time again.

    Losun Outdoor Picnic Blanket

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    The Losun Outdoor Picnic Blanket’s Oxford cloth material is sand resistant, waterproof, and easily cleanable using a wet cloth, making it ideal for the beach, picnics, camping, or any activity during which having a dry place to sit is desired. Fully opened, the blanked can fit three people laying down or four sitting. The waterproof underlayer ensures your bottom stays dry even if sitting on wet sand or grass. Keep one in your car or RV for your next road trip.

    TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

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    TrailBuddy trekking poles are adjustable in height using a twist lock to ensure the right fit for each user and terrain. Made from lightweight aluminum, they are resilient and strong without adding needless weight to your trek, and the handgrips are made out of cork to keep your hands from slipping in wet weather. Pole tips are interchangeable for different surfaces and keep you moving no matter what terrain you encounter.

    Diamond Candy Windproof Hooded Rain Jacket – Women

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    Keep yourself warm and dry with the Diamond Candy windproof rain jacket, which includes three external zippered pockets and one internal pocket to keep your items safe and dry. It also has adjustable cuffs and a removable hood to suit your unique needs while on the go. It’s great for hiking or everyday use, so don’t get left out in the cold!

    For the full list, check out: The Best Rain Coats Review.

    EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter

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    Regular international travelers know that not all electricity is equal around the world, and plugs and voltage differ from region to region. The EPICKA universal travel adapter is specifically designed to work in over 150 countries including the U.S., UK, EU, and Australia. Select the appropriate sliding adapter on the side to fit the outlet you are using, and it will adjust the voltage as needed. More than just an adapter, you will have access to an outlet, USB-C, and four regular USB ports to charge all of your necessary gadgets as needed using one outlet. Easily fits in your carry-on for ease of travel.

    Xenvo Pro Lens Kit For Smartphones

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    If you would like to take your photography skills to the next level and you don’t want to shell out the money for an expensive digital camera in addition to your smartphone, the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit may be the perfect accessory to expand your phone’s current abilities. This clip-on attachment is compatible with phones that use either a single or dual camera. The set includes both a macro and wide-angle lens as well as an LED travel and travel case to protect your lens while on the go.

    JOTO Universal Waterproof Phone Case

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    Water and electronics don’t mix, so it is important to protect your phone — and all that it contains — from the elements. The JOTO waterproof phone case can be submerged up to 100 feet to allow for beautiful underwater images and videos. The JOTO case fits most phones and is a great option for your next aquatic activity. It is also great for dirt and snow, so don’t forget to have one with you for your next trip.

    Mario Badescu Skin Care Facial Spray

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    Long travel days can wreak havoc on your skin, leading to dry skin from changing temperatures and air pressure combined with sporadic sleep. The combination of aloe, cucumber, and green tea infusions in Mario Badescu Skin Care facial spray cools and energizes the skin while you are on the go. The 4-ounce bottles are great for the car or train and can be stored in checked luggage or transferred into a smaller TSA-approved spray bottle for your carry-on. Don’t let your skin suffer on long travel days.

    Wanderlust Compression Socks

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    Wanderlust compression socks come in two convenient sizes and three colors and are great for easing pain caused by neuropathy, sciatica, or general swelling. They have a graduated compression design with the greatest pressure around the feet and ankles, lessening up through the calf, and offering up the least compression under the knee. They are machine washable for easy care between trips.

    To view the complete list, check out: The Top Compression Socks For Men And Women.

    Shower Pouch Full-Body Wipes

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    A warm shower is not always easily accessible when you are on the go, but sweat and dirt will not care; they’ll plague you even if you have no easy way to wash them away. Shower Pouch wipes are designed to clean the entire adult body — with one wipe. These single-use wipes will leave you fresh and ready for the next adventure without feeling sticky like a traditional wet baby wipe. Great for camping and hiking or when traveling in regions where running water may not be guaranteed.

    klamsen Water Bottle With Pill Case

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    Don’t let a busy life get in the way of staying healthy; travel does not have to mean forgoing daily vitamins, supplements, or regular medications. The klamsen water bottle is ideal for the gym or traveling and ensures your pills and water are always in the same place when you need them. It is also dishwasher safe for simple cleaning. Even if you don’t regularly travel with medications, the compartments are large enough to fit teabags or other useful items as well.

    Germ Guardian Pluggable Air Purifier And Sanitizer

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    Designed for the home but great for travel at only seven inches in length, the Germ Guardian air purifier and sanitizer plugs directly into an outlet without a cord to hassle with. The best part is that there are no filters; just replace the UV bulb every ten months or so and enjoy the benefits of reduced odor and germs wherever you lay your head to rest at night.