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Sometimes when you’re sitting, or in this case, “stomping,” on a good idea, it’s best to share.

You see, winemaking is an art. And like any great artist, their best work relies on the quality of the tools they use. The type of brush determines the broadness of the stroke. The choice of canvas, the quality of the sculpture's stone. The dirt from which the grapevine grows, the climate in which the vineyard exists. All determine the greatness of the final output.

There are wineries in nearly all 50 states, but it’s no secret that northern California is the mecca of the American winemaking world. This is where you’ll find the Sonoma Valley, and Obsidian Wine Co.

According to the company website, some believed the vineyard's land, a mile above sea-level, couldn't be planted. Well, that turned out not to be the case. While Obsidian has been turning out award-winning wines since 2002, its history of superb grape growing dates back to the early 1970s.

The Legend Begins

In a letter to wine club members, co-owner Arpad Molnar chronicled the story behind Obsidian’s newest release, their first sparkling wine. It’s their first because for the past 50 years, the vineyard grew and provided its grapes to some of the premier sparkling wine houses in the Napa area, including notables such as Domaine Chandon and Mumm Napa.

“A French citizen, our mother Catherine worked at the French Consulate,” Molnar wrote. “In 1973, a late night of playing bridge with a banker from the French Bank of California (now Bank of the West) led to the tip that Moet & Chandon, the famed Champagne house, was secretly buying land in Napa and planning to open the first French-owned sparkling wine house in the U.S.”

Molnar's father then drove up Mount Vedeer and approached John Wright, who'd been picked to run the new winery, about selling him grapes from a vineyard he happened to be planting.

"John, in his shock, could only utter ‘How did you know….??’”

New Bubbles

In 2015, Molnar, his brother Peter, and co-owner Michael Terrien began using their own grapes to make a small amount of sparkling wine for their own use. They must have known they had a winner on their hands because now, they’ve decided to share.

“Over the years, we have been quietly drinking this wine ourselves, but recently decided that the holidays would be the right time to share it now that its age and freshness have collided into near bubbly perfection,” wrote Molnar.

Right now, the 2015 Poseidon Vineyard Estate "Blanc de Blanc" is available only to Obsidian’s wine club members or in the tasting room for a limited time.

Visiting Obsidian

Due to COVID-19, the tasting room is closed, but outdoor tastings are available by reservation only. These can be made seven days a week from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

They also offer a take-out window, glass and bottle service, and a no-touch curbside pick up option if you desire. For more information about their entire winery experience, visit them online or call them directly at (707) 706-2020.