For the 50+ Traveler

Visiting Casey, Illinois, is like stepping into an episode of the old television series Land of the Giants or into the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The town of about 3,000 boasts some of the world's largest attractions, larger-than-life items created by local Jim Bolin to help attract visitors to his community.

Located almost halfway between Saint Louis and Indianapolis along Interstate 70, Casey (pronounced KAY-zee) was once primarily a gas stop and a spot for travelers to stretch their legs. Today, it hosts thousands of visitors eager to see the world’s largest wind chime, rocking chair, and mailbox, among other unique attractions. What started with the 48-foot-tall wind chime in 2011 has grown to become an entire collection of Guinness World Records sights.

It’s easy to spend a day exploring this south-central Illinois town. Here’s what to do when you visit.

See Some Of The World’s Largest Attractions

Most of the world’s largest attractions are located near the town center. Situated amidst area businesses, the world’s largest attractions have helped the local economy; as people visit the attractions, they also stop into the stores and eat at the restaurants.

The wind chime in Casey, Illinois.

The wind chime stands inside a small park where visitors can walk around and enjoy the scenery and the fragrances of freshly grown flowers and plants. You can even pull a chain to make the wind chime play. Located near the wind chime, as there are near all the town’s largest attractions, are Bible verses.

Across the street from the wind chime is the world’s largest rocking chair. At about 32 feet, the chair -- made from recycled material -- weighs about 40,000 pounds. The chair includes creative designs carved into the arms and the back. Standing next to the chair, you’ll feel incredibly small.

The world's largest mailbox in Casey, Illinois.

Located downtown, the world’s largest mailbox stands 32 feet high and takes up more than 5,743 cubic feet. You can climb a small flight of stairs to stand inside the mailbox, which offers a view of the downtown area. You can pull a lever to raise or lower the red flag on top.

The world’s largest wooden shoes (or clogs, as they are known in Casey) are located inside Casey’s Candy Depot. At 11 feet and 6 inches long, 5 feet and 10 inches wide, and 4 feet and 10 inches tall, the wooden shoes are a popular photo stop, and you can stand inside them or next to them.

The world’s largest golf tee is appropriately located at the Casey Country Club golf course. Designed in 2013 to help create interest in the community’s public golf course, the golf tee stands 30 feet and 6 inches tall. Good luck hitting your ball off of it!

The world's largest pitchfork in Casey, Illinois.

The world’s largest pitchfork is 60 feet long and weighs about 1,900 pounds. Located near Richards Farm Restaurant, the attraction is perfectly situated near a farm setting.

The newest world’s largest attractions are located near downtown, where they can be found near the other attractions. The new attractions are a car key chain (26 feet long), a swizzle spoon (11 feet long), a barbershop pole (14 feet and 6 inches tall), and a teeter-totter. At 62 feet long, the teeter-totter, located across the street from the wind chime and rocking chair, actually works and can accommodate an entire busload of visitors. The world’s largest golf club, 60 feet long, will be displayed outside the town’s new visitor center, which will open in 2020.

The last of the world’s largest attractions in the area is a judge’s gavel, which is located outside the Clark County Courthouse in Marshall, Illinois. The gavel is 8 feet long and 5 feet wide.

The yardstick in downtown Casey, Illinois.

Appreciate The Town’s Other Giant Attractions

In addition to the world’s largest attractions, Bolin and his team have created a few fun Big Things -- attractions too small for Guinness records, but still fun to see -- that are located throughout the downtown area. See if you can find them all, from a cartoon minion to a large horse. There’s a yardstick that is 36 feet long instead of 36 inches long. Made from an old light pole, a 32-foot-long pencil is located near the mailbox. A giant birdcage seats up to four people and is located across from the mailbox. You’ll also find a gigantic spinning top downtown.

Once standing among the world’s largest attractions, a set of knitting needles and crochet hook have since been replaced in the record books. Believe it or not, the needles are actually used for knitting!

Grab A Bite To Eat At Richard’s Farm Or Greathouse Of Pizza

Since 1976, Richards Farm Restaurant has called an old family barn home. Known for its homestyle cooking and fresh salad bar, the restaurant is possibly Casey’s most popular eatery. While it caters to bus tours and other groups, Richards Farm has plenty of space available for couples and small travel groups. With a menu featuring catfish, country fried steak, and steaks, Richards Farm also serves burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

If you’re a fan of Chicago-style pizza or good pasta, then you’ll want to visit Greathouse of Pizza, which serves deep-dish pizza. The dough is made fresh every day, and the pizzeria’s special sauce and tasty sausage are to die for. The menu offers thin- and thick-crust pizza, as well as salads, appetizers, and spaghetti and meatballs.

If you decide to spend the weekend in Casey, consider reserving a room at the Eighteen-Ninety Sleepover. The boutique-style downtown hotel offers contemporary rooms in a century-old building. The Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Casey provides a comfortable stay for people who prefer a national chain. A stay includes free breakfast.

Whether you’re visiting for the day or the weekend, a trip to Casey provides a fun look at some of the world’s quirkiest attractions. As you stroll through the downtown area, check out the local shops and enjoy a meal at one of the area restaurants. After all, the reason you’re here is because of one man’s love for this town.