For the 50+ Traveler

I love to travel. I’ve visited most of the U.S. states and Canada, Mexico, Europe, Morocco, the Bahamas, and many of the Caribbean islands. I’ve traveled by car, plane, train, and cruising. By far, my favorite form of travel is cruising.

I’ve cruised through the Mediterranean, to Alaska, around Canada and the New England states, through the Caribbean islands, and to Mexico. I’ve taken six different cruises and cruised with three different cruise lines: Royal Caribbean, Princess, and MSC.

We have cruised four times in the past 18 months and we have two additional cruises booked.

Cruising is a wonderful way to travel and vacation regardless of age, but the older you get, the more factors make cruising the best option for travelers over 50.

Here are a few to consider:

Sunset from the deck of a cruise ship.

Packing And Unpacking Only Once

Lugging heavy suitcases is hard on the back. I like being able to unpack my suitcase one time, put things in place, and not have to worry about packing again until the end of the cruise. When visiting place to place on a road trip, there’s a lot of unpacking and repacking. Cruising takes that waste of time away so you can enjoy every minute of your vacation.

You Get More For Your Money

Whether you are on a fixed income or have money to splurge, cruising is a great deal: three restaurant meals, snacks, and your room, plus your transportation from port to port for $50 to $150 per day on average during a cruise. Where else can you find that kind of bargain?

Your Flexible Schedule Allows For Longer Cruises

As you age, your schedule usually becomes a bit more flexible with more vacation time from work or full-on retirement. This means you can take longer cruises that allow you to visit more ports and see more of the world. Our last cruise was 10 days and we visited 5 different countries. Usually a longer cruise provides more of a financial bargain when it comes to the cost per day as well.

Night Driving Isn’t Necessary

If you are like me, your eyesight is not as sharp after dark as it is in daylight hours. When cruising, you don’t have to worry about that. You can enjoy a night of shows, music, dancing, and other fun without having to worry about driving home.

A theater on a cruise ship.
Robin Smith

The Service And Meals Are Fantastic

After years of taking care of a family, it is nice to have people taking care of you. A week of no cooking, no bed making, no cleaning, no major responsibilities is fun regardless of age but is an especially fun luxury for the over-50 crowd. I find the service and attention to detail on cruise ships to be above and beyond what I have experienced at all-inclusive resorts.

Long Drives Are History

No more getting out of the car all stiff from driving for hours. There is no need to spend your valuable vacation time in a car or any other form of transportation to get you from one place to another. One of the great benefits of cruising is you are often traveling while you sleep and arrive at your next destination rested and refreshed.

Boredom Doesn’t Happen

It is hard to be bored on a cruise ship. There is always something to do if you wish to do it. There is plenty to do for anyone of any age on a cruise ship. Think movies, bowling, bingo, gambling, dancing, dance lessons, listening to music, reading, playing cards, shopping, spas, saunas, exercise rooms, shows, swimming, and so much more. You can do as much or as little as you desire.

Cruising Over 50 Pro Tips:

  • If you want the very best night's sleep, book an indoor cabin. There’s minimal light to filter through the curtains and it is very dark. The soft movement of the waves gently rocks you to sleep. Some of my best sleep has taken place on a cruise in an indoor cabin.
  • If you are no longer working a full-time job or have flexibility in scheduling, you can pick up some very inexpensive cruises for less than $50 per night by waiting till the last minute to book. Regardless of what you pay for your cruise, you will get the same fantastic service, food, and entertainment.
  • Are you considering a bucket-list cruise? If yes, it is best to book about a year ahead since cruises to the most desirable destinations often fill, or the type of room you want might not be available.
  • A cruise is your opportunity to try new foods. When I travel and eat in restaurants, I’m usually hesitant about trying new things that I might not like because of the cost, and because I don’t want to waste food. (I’m a picky eater!) On a cruise, you can try new things without worry. There is a sense of freedom knowing if you dislike something, it is okay, and you can get something else you will enjoy at no extra cost. I’ve tried many new dishes while cruising that I would not otherwise have tasted.

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