For the 50+ Traveler

Daydreaming about fried food, cotton candy, carnival rides, bandstands, and all-American competitions (both classic and quirky) as far as the eye can see? You must be pining for a good, old-fashioned state fair. Fairgrounds across America beckon as there are childhood memories to be made and walks --or rides -- down memory lane for those of us who are old (and tall) enough for all the rides, plus a drink or two.

“Are We Fair Yet?”

Whether your state fair is just around the corner from home or you’ll be road tripping cross-country to enjoy a fair in a new-to-you state or favorite vacation spot, we’ve gathered the dates of all the state fairs taking place in 2020 so you can plan your fun accordingly.

Alabama National Fair, Montgomery, October 9-18

Alaska State Fair, Palmer, CANCELED for 2020

Arizona State Fair, Phoenix, October 8 to November 1

Arkansas State Fair, Little Rock, CANCELED for 2020

California State Fair, Sacramento, CANCELED for 2020

Colorado State Fair, Pueblo, August 28 to September 7

Connecticut Fairs, multiple cities, click through to see dates and cancellations

Delaware State Fair, Harrington, July 23 to August 1

Florida State Fair, Tampa, February 6-17

Georgia National Fair, Perry, October 8-18

Idaho State Fair, Boise, CANCELED for 2020

Illinois State Fair, Springfield, CANCELED for 2020

Indiana State Fair, Indianapolis, CANCELED for 2020

Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, CANCELED for 2020

Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson, CANCELED for 2020

Kentucky State Fair, Louisville, August 20-30

Louisiana State Fair, Shreveport, October 22 to November 8

Maine State Fair, Bangor, CANCELED for 2020

Maine State Fair, Skowhegan, August 13-22

Maryland State Fair, Lutherville-Timonium, August 27 to September 7

Massachusetts State Fair, West Springfield, CANCELED for 2020

Michigan State Fair, Escanaba, CANCELED for 2020

Minnesota State Fair, Saint Paul, CANCELED for 2020

Mississippi State Fair, Jackson, October 7-18

Missouri State Fair, Sedalia, August 13-23

Montana State Fair, Great Falls, CANCELED for 2020

Nebraska State Fair, Grand Island, August 28 to September 7

New Hampshire State Fair, Contoocook, CANCELED for 2020

New Jersey State Fair, Augusta, CANCELED for 2020

New Mexico State Fair, Albuquerque, CANCELED for 2020

New York State Fair, Syracuse, CANCELED for 2020

North Carolina State Fair, Raleigh, October 15-25

North Dakota State Fair, Minot, CANCELED for 2020

Ohio State Fair, Columbus, CANCELED for 2020

Oklahoma State Fair, Oklahoma City, CANCELED for 2020

Oregon State Fair, Salem, CANCELED for 2020

Pennsylvania Fairs, multiple dates and locations

South Carolina State Fair, Columbia, October 14-25

South Dakota State Fair, Huron, September 3-7

Tennessee State Fair, Nashville, CANCELED for 2020

Texas State Fair, Dallas, CANCELED for 2020

Utah State Fair, Salt Lake City, September 10-20

Vermont State Fair, Rutland, CANCELED for 2020

Virginia State Fair, Doswell, September 25 to October 4

Washington State Fair, Puyallup, CANCELED for 2020

West Virginia State Fair, Lewisburg, CANCELED for 2020

Wisconsin State Fair, West Allis, CANCELED for 2020

Wyoming State Fair, Douglas, August 11-15