For the 50+ Traveler

Packing for any international trip can be a hassle. While it may be exciting to visit a place you’ve never been or perhaps return to a favorite overseas spot, the packing process itself poses unique challenges.

For starters, you have to juggle your carry-on luggage and your personal items such as your cell phone and other handheld devices -- and depending on your destination, sometimes you’re required to retrieve your checked luggage between connecting flights -- all while having your travel documents at the ready for the customs agent. Depending on who you’re traveling with -- elderly parents, small children, pets -- making sure you aren’t forgetting anything, or worse, subjecting your documents to pickpockets, proves to be more of a hindrance than some of us imagined the first time we headed overseas.

Fortunately, we have the perfect solution!

Your luggage may be your largest packing endeavor, but remembering to properly pack your wallet is the most crucial. Typically tucked away inside your travel backpack or carryon, your wallet carries all the essentials -- your ID, your money, and of course, your passport. We have found that the best way to safeguard your travel documents while simultaneously giving you the ease of mind to navigate the other components of your travel is to invest in a trusted travel wallet.

We took a close look at dozens of travel wallet organizers and have compiled a list of the best travel wallets to buy in 2019. Taking into consideration a wide array of styles, tastes, and budgets, we list the best wallets you should consider purchasing before your next trip.

The Leatherology Travel Document Holder.

For Women: Leatherology Travel Document Holder

Are you looking for a wallet that is functional but also sexy and chic? This stylishly sleek, leather travel document holder brings you all the benefits of a perfect organizer without the heft of a bulky travel wallet. Leatherology’s timeless leather features a finely grained texture that’s buttery soft to the touch. Its interior pockets are designed to help you carry not only your passport, but also your boarding passes, baggage claim tickets, cash, receipts, and credit cards. You’ll be able to breeze through the TSA lines with ease knowing that all of your documents are safe and secure in your possession. Choose from any one of 15 colors to compliment your travel mood as well as your personal style.

Get the Leatherology Travel Document Holder here.

The Calpak Travel Wallet.

For Women: Calpak Travel Wallet

Sometimes, we just need to lose the straps. For women who are juggling professional and personal commitments, ridding ourselves of straps means gaining freedom from the confinements of daily obligations, and that’s never a bad thing. But there are other times -- as in the case of selecting the perfect travel wallet -- when straps are not only good, they’re desired. Capable of serving as a purse, a wallet, or fanny pack, the Calpak Travel Wallet offers you the choice to strap up or go strapless. You can choose to wear this wallet’s unique strap five different ways, a few of which involve going hands free. The decision is yours. An added benefit? You’ll look good while doing it.

Get the Calpak Travel Wallet here.

The Cuyana Mini Zip Around Wallet.

For Women: Cuyana Mini Zip Around Wallet

Bigger isn’t always better. The Cuyana Mini Zip Around Wallet is a perfect combination of small and fashionable. Don’t let the “mini” in the title fool you, though. This wallet may be 3.5 inches by 4 inches, but it opens up into a well-organized, 8-inch spread. This means there’s plenty of room for you to carry your cash, coins, and cards. There are even two hidden card slots for you to carry your ID or a few travel receipts if need be. Depending on the texture you prefer, you can choose between rugged, pebble leather or a smooth-to-the-touch option. You can even have the wallet monogrammed with your initials, adding a customized piece to your collection of travel accessories.

Get the Cuyana Mini Zip Around Wallet here.

The Zoppen Travel Wallet With RFID.

For Women And Men: Zoppen Travel Wallet With RFID

Are you looking for a travel wallet that’s functional, but doesn’t break the bank? The Zoppen Travel Wallet is a favorite because not only is it affordable, it's also stylish. Available in 36 colors, the Zoppen Travel Wallet is guaranteed to organize all of your travel documents while matching your personal style. This wallet contains a passport pocket, a boarding pass compartment, three credit cards slots, one ID slot, a SIM card pouch, a cell phone pouch (max size 5.8 inches), a zippered money and coin pocket, a key holder, and a pen holder. With so many compartments, you may not need a purse at all. This travel wallet’s best feature: It contains an RFID chip that will help protect you from pickpockets on your trip. This wallet is perfect not only for you, but every member of the family or friend group.

Get the Zoppen Travel Wallet on Amazon here.

The Aspinal Of London Classic Travel Collection.

For Women: Aspinal Of London Classic Travel Collection

If you’re like most people, you pride yourself on being organized, especially when it comes to your most important documents. Now there’s a way for you to take your organization methods to a whole new level. With the Aspinal of London Classic Travel Collection, you can rest easy knowing all of your travel documents are occupying a very specific place in your wallet. Inside of the wallet, you'll find one spacious gusseted compartment for currency, four tabbed sections for tickets, travel documents, and passports, an open pocket for boarding passes, and a zipped compartment for coins. The collection also comes with two leather luggage tags and one passport holder with “PASSPORT” embossed on the front cover. While this selection is definitely an investment, the travel collection is more than worth it. You can select from seven different colors, textures, and leather styles. You’ll be the envy of your travel companions when you flash this Italian calf-leather set personalized with your initials.

Get the Aspinal of London Classic Travel Collection here.

The Passport Holder Neck Travel Wallet RFID.

For Women And Men: Passport Holder Neck Travel Wallet RFID On Amazon

Have you been dubbed the official trip document juggler? It can be stressful to manage the passports for everyone when traveling with family. That’s why we recommend that you consider the Passport Holder Neck Travel Wallet RFID. This is the trifecta of multi-purpose travel wallets. For starts, not only is it equipped with RFID-blocking material and is waterproof, but it's also fashioned in a loose-leaf design. You can store up to six passports -- which is great for those traveling with an innovative pocket design. It also has a zipper pocket for your travel documents, which means you don’t have to take any of your documents out to scan barcodes or verify your identity -- the passports can be seen from inside their pouches. Additionally, the wallet has eight card slots, a mesh zipper pocket (perfect for carrying coins), and multi-use strap. You can wear this wallet around your neck, loop it around your wrist or belt, or convert it into a backpack -- whichever style meets your comfort! We assure you that if you’re traveling with a large group, this wallet is sure to meet your needs.

Get the Passport Holder Neck Travel Wallet on Amazon here.

The Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet RFID.

For Men: Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet RFID

Every man deserves a nice wallet that he can be proud of using wherever his travels take him. We have identified the perfect wallet for the man who appreciates a minimalist aesthetic and no-nonsense functionality: the Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet RFID. Stylishly sleek, this attractive wallet allows you to keep all of your important documents in one place while fitting snugly in your back pocket. You can say goodbye to the pesky beading of nervous sweat as you shuffle through your bags, looking for your passport. This wallet is well equipped to carry up to 10 cards and includes sections for your passport, ticket, and bills. It even has a hidden compartment for spare cash and a micro pen with refills for when you need to jot down a quick note. This wallet is guaranteed to compliment your style and allow you to rest easy at night knowing it’s made with premium, environmentally certified leather. The only thing you need to worry about now is making sure you get your preferred seat on the plane.

Get the Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet here.

The Compact Rose Secret Bra Travel Wallet.

For Women: Compact Rose Secret Bra Travel Wallet On Amazon

The Compact Rose Secret Bra Travel Wallet was specifically fashioned for the feminine adventure seeker. Designed for nearly all bra sizes, the secret bra travel wallet allows you to keep your belongings safe from pickpockets while traveling abroad. By easily and stealthily clipping it to any one of your bra straps, you’ll not only be hands free, but you’ll literally get to carry your cards and your currency close to your heart. Equipped with RFID-blocking materials, you can feel empowered knowing you’re protecting your small essentials without the hassle of carrying a purse. Whether you’re attending a festival or shuffling through the airport, this wallet is a must-buy for all women.

Get the Compact Rose Secret Bra Travel Wallet on Amazon here.

The Mind And Body Experts Belt Of Orion Travel Fanny Pack.

For Women And Men: Mind And Body Experts Belt Of Orion Travel Fanny Pack On Amazon

Ah, the fanny pack. There are critics who don’t appreciate the fanny pack in all of its functional glory. However, we beg to differ. The fanny pack may be one of the most efficient methods of organizing and managing your travel documents, ever. And the best part -- they’re hands free and minimize the need to rummage through other bags or reach into a backpack. For these reasons, we recommend the Mind and Body Experts’ Belt of Orion. This pack is intended to hold your phone, keys, and passport. It includes a clever hole to thread your headphones through without fear of entangling the cord. It’s compact yet spacious, and you can wear it subtly underneath your shirt. Rest assured knowing that all of your documents are safeguarded as you enjoy a hands-free travel experience.

Get the Belt of Orion Travel Fanny Pack on Amazon here.