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Savannah, Georgia, is the epitome of Southern charm. It’s green, quaint, warm, and home to friendly locals and unique historic sites.

A coastal city, Savannah is separated from South Carolina by the Savannah River and is known for its horse-drawn carriages, antebellum architecture, and perfectly groomed parks.

Visitors are drawn to the Savannah Historic District, an area teeming with cobblestone squares and parks. The best known of these squares and parks are Forsyth Park, Orleans Square, and Reynolds Square. There are countless landmarks throughout the city, including the beautiful Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, which was constructed in the late 1800s in the Gothic Revival style.

If you’re planning a trip to this beautiful Georgia city but are unsure of how you’ll get around once you arrive, there’s no need to worry.

There are several ways to reach Savannah from the airport, and once you’re there, there are plenty of options for getting around, including public transportation, rideshare services, ferries, rental cars, and, of course, your own two feet!

How Should I Get To And From The Airport?

There are several ways to get to and from Savannah’s major airport, Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, which is located northwest of the city center.

The 20-minute taxi ride from the airport to the Savannah Historic District costs $28. A ride to Hutchinson Island from the airport costs $34, and a ride to Southside Savannah costs $36.

The airport has a taxi rate system that outlines pricing to and from the airport for multiple locations throughout Savannah, including Skidaway Island, Tybee Island, various military locations, and Hilton Head Island.

The airport is served by a number of shuttles, including the GO airport shuttles. In addition to the shuttles, GO's ground transportation system provides private vans, private cars, airport taxi service, and airport limousine service.

If you are seeking a more lavish travel experience, you may want to research Luxury Savannah Limo & Car Service, which caters to high-end clients and offers van, limo, and car service to and from the airport. The company's larger vehicles can accommodate up to 14 guests.

Uber and Lyft offer rides to Savannah’s Historic District from the airport and vice versa for about $20. Just keep in mind that the price will vary, depending on what time of day you are arriving at or departing from the airport.

Should I Rent A Car?

This depends entirely on your plans. If you plan to venture outside the city to Tybee Island, Skidaway Island, Hilton Head Island, the Wormsloe State Historic Site, or any of the beaches, historic forts, or lighthouses in the area, you’ll likely want to rent a car.

Renting a car can also save you some extra money on airport transfers. As previously mentioned, airport transfers can cost up to $36 each way. There are some companies that offer car rentals for a mere $20 per day, allowing travelers to save on airport transfers and other public transportation fees.

How Walkable Is Savannah?

Savannah is organized around 22 park squares that make up one of the largest public spaces in the United States.

Savannah is a pleasantly walkable city. Visitors can easily roam its streets and explore its many beautiful parks, historic mansions, quaint boutique shops, and downtown restaurants.

Travelers walking through Savannah can get up close and personal with the city’s unique and impressive architecture, including the Flannery O’Connor House, the Davenport House Museum, the Mercer Williams House Museum, the Cotton Exchange, the Congregation Mickve Israel, and buildings in the rare Steamboat Gothic style.

While Savannah is very safe, and you’ll see many tourists walking about throughout the city, travelers should take normal precautions in order to avoid theft and other petty crimes. Make sure to keep your belongings close, avoid alleys, and take an Uber or Lyft when returning to your accommodation late at night.

What Is Savannah's Public Transportation Like?

If your feet are tired and you want to take public transportation to explore all that Savannah has to offer, you’re in luck!

The city’s Chatham Area Transit provider offers 15 fixed bus routes in the Savannah area. One-way fares cost $1.50, and discounted weekly and monthly passes are available.

The Dot is a fare-free service that helps visitors and residents get around downtown Savannah. This express shuttle runs every 10 minutes, has free Wi-Fi, is ADA accessible, and connects to municipal parking facilities, visitors centers, and the ferry. The shuttle makes 24 stops in the Savannah Historic District and includes the Savannah Belles Ferry system.

Can I Get Around Savannah By Boat?

You can! A nostalgic form of transportation in Savannah is the Savannah Belles Ferry system. The ferries resemble the vessels that could be seen on the Savannah River a century ago. The four distinct ferries -- the Juliette Gordon Low, the Susie King Taylor, the Florence Martus, and the Mary Musgrove -- are named for strong women who helped shape the city of Savannah’s history.

The ferries connect downtown to Hutchinson Island, Waving Girl Landing, and the Savannah Convention Center. They run daily from 7 a.m. to 12:30 a.m., though service to Waving Girl Landing ends at 6 p.m.

The Savannah Belles Ferry system is ADA accessible and allows service animals, pets in carriers, and non-aggressive dogs on leashes. Ferry service may be canceled without notice due to inclement weather or river traffic.

How Can I Get To Atlanta From Savannah?

There are a number of ways to reach Atlanta from Savannah. Atlanta is situated about 250 miles from Savannah. If you opt to rent a car while in Savannah, driving to Atlanta will take about three hours and 40 minutes, depending on traffic.

Taking the Greyhound bus from Savannah to Atlanta costs between $37 and $39, and the trip takes approximately four hours and 25 minutes. Greyhound buses are comfortable and offer free Wi-Fi.

Travelers also have the option of flying from Savannah to Atlanta. Nonstop flights from Savannah to Atlanta take one hour and five minutes and cost around $200.

Photo Credit: John Wollwerth / Shutterstock