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Vancouver combines many different cultures into one thriving hub of activity. The result is a cosmopolitan maritime metropolis under the Rocky Mountains with a delicious diversity of restaurants. Here are our five top picks!

1. Forage

If you're seeking a complete one-of-a-kind dining experience, Forage is ready to meet (or exceed) your expectations.

Chef Chris Whittaker believes in total sustainability in everything, and the restaurant closely follows suit with an extremely eco-friendly meal prep atmosphere.

All of the meats are locally and ethically sourced, and the alcohol and vegetation on offer come from British Columbia's finest vineyards and farms.

There's no compromising flavor at Forage. You'll be blown away by dishes like the Turtle Valley Bison bone-in sirloin and the nettle farro grain risotto.

Forage restaurant Vancouver
Forage, Vancouver. TripAdvisor

2. Farmer's Apprentice

There are few restaurants at which it's safe to order absolutely anything on the menu, confident you'll be pleased at the result. But for us, Farmer's Apprentice is one of them. It's also completely unpredictable what you're going to get on any given day, as the menu changes based on whatever chef David Gunawan's suppliers bring him.

You'll choose your meal based on your preference of omnivore or herbivore, and few restaurants make vegetables quite as appealing as Farmer's Apprentice does. The veggies often come smoked, roasted, fermented, or pickled for out-of-this-world flavors. The meats are of the rarest varieties like Tamworth pork.

Expect to pay around $65 for a full meal and an additional $45 for drink pairings. This is not a budget option, but you're guaranteed a meal that's fresh and spontaneous.

3. Maenam

Angus An is what you might call a serial chef. He owns four restaurants across Vancouver, but our personal favorite is Maenam.

Chef An has honed his craft into a fine art, and he's famed for his combination of starkly different flavors into masterpiece dishes. You can expect to experience citrus, spice, sweetness, and incredible aromas all from the same meal.

The style, if it could be summed up in a few words, is British Columbia-influenced Thai food. You can order from a tasting menu handpicked by the chef or choose individual items to order. Prices vary depending on your selection, and the flexibility makes it perfect for budget diners and the patrons who come prepared to drop big money on their meals.

This restaurant is very vegetarian-friendly, so it's a great place for meat and plant-eaters to enjoy a meal together.

Maenam restaurant Vancouver

4. Mak N Ming

The best in most industries are always adapting and improving, and the same goes for Mak N Ming, the 5-star Asian-French fusion restaurant. The menu is in a state of constant flux, which means that you shouldn't get too attached to any one dish. It also means that you can get a different, yet always fantastic experience each time you visit.

You'll choose between a three-course or six-course meal when you arrive, and the wine perfectly complements each portion.

It's a dinner-only restaurant, so don't go too early. Expect to find sophisticated items like pork cheek, crab and prawn soup, and baked eggs garnished with truffles. Again, those are some of the options right now, but you might be in for an altogether different meal plan when you decide to stop by.

Whenever you go and whatever they're serving, we're confident you'll be more than satisfied. Just don't expect to pay less than $50 for the three-course meal or $70 for the six-course. Don't worry: it's worth it!

5. Au Comptoir

Traveling to France isn't necessary to experience first-class Parisian fine dining. You'll find it on full display at Vancouver's very own Au Comptoir. Located near the beach in the Kitsilano neighborhood, Au Comptoir is alive with culture, a fact made even more apparent by the fact that nearly all of the serving staff are French.

There's never a bad time to visit the restaurant as chef Dan McGee and his team are always cooking up delicious treats for their guests. Stop by in the morning for an espresso and flaky croissant or in the evening for a helping of steak frites.

Whenever you choose to go, you'll experience the same mouthwatering flavors and distinct freshness made possible by the fact that all ingredients are sourced from the finest that British Columbia has to offer.

Prices are affordable by most people's standards, the average dinner ranging from $20-35 with breakfast and lunch options even more reasonably priced.

Is your mouth watering yet? We know you'll find the solution to a rumbling stomach at one of these amazing Vancouver restaurants, so get ready to enjoy the meal of a lifetime!