For the 50+ Traveler

When you fly with some of the fanciest airlines in the world, all the problems of the common man are forgotten. Here are some of the most luxurious airlines on earth. If you manage to get a ticket, then lucky you.

1. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways has come to be known for one thing: pure luxury. Forget everything you hate about typical air travel -- Etihad will surpass your wildest dreams.

Etihad Airways' top planes are like a flying 5-star hotels. Travelers can choose "The Residence" which means a top-deck cabin complete with a living room, shower, two bedrooms, a gourmet chef, and a freakin' personal butler! It's the crème de la crème. Flying at 40,000 feet with your own personal butler may just make you wonder what planet you're really on.

It'll cost you about $30,000 for "The Residence" style accommodations on a trip from New York City to Abu Dhabi. While that might be a yearly salary for some people, Etihad has done everything they possibly can to make it worth your while. They've won awards such as "World's Leading Airline - Business Class", "World's Leading Cabin Crew", and "World's Leading Airline - First Class."

Etihad Airways

2. Singapore Airlines Suites

It can be pretty difficult to get comfortable on an airplane, but Singapore Airlines Suites does everything they can to make air travel as soothing as lounging at home (if your home is amazingly decadent).

Booking a cabin on Singapore Airlines comes with certain amenities such as pyjamas and bedroom slippers, world-renowned aesthetic designs by Jean-Jacques Coste, LCD televisions, Italian upholstery, and pocket doors that can give you full privacy if you so desire.

It's a magnificent yet surreal experience to be aboard Singapore Airlines Suites, but we don't require realism from our airlines.

Singapore Airlines Suites

3. Cathay Pacific First Class

Cathay Pacific's First Class cabins are literally a work of art. They feature creations that have been designed by some of the finest artists in the world and the delightful aesthetics will have you wishing it took longer to get to your destination.

The first class cabin is ultra-intimate, with only six seats. That makes it one of the smallest first class cabins in the world. That intimate setting allows for top-of-the-line service and a top-of-the-line price tag to match. The average one-way first class ticket is $10,000.

4. Emirates

Based in Dubai, Emirates has developed a stellar reputation as one of the top luxury airlines in the world that services roughly 141 destinations.

Amenities are out of this world and will not leave customers with anything to complain about. There's an onboard shower spa to ease those mid-flight nerves and a bar and lounge that will finish the job.

Any airline that serves its meals on fine china knows what fancy really is!


5. Qatar Airways

At Skytrax's annual awards ceremony, known as "the Oscars for the airline world", Qatar Airways have won the World's Best Airline award four times in ten years, which gives you an idea of how top-shelf the service and quality of aircraft they provide really is.

The business class seating is plush, spacious, and comes complete with airline-provided pyjamas. The onboard amenity kit provided to passengers comes with high-end products such as Giorgio Armani, another testament to the experience Qatar is trying to provide for its passengers.

6. British Airways

No one likes their pores getting clogged while they're flying at 40,000 feet, and British Airways has come to the rescue with luxury facial treatments for First Class passengers flying to New York JFK from London Heathrow. A relaxation massage is also an option.

First Class also comes complete with lavish seating and relative privacy from fellow passengers while you enjoy your afternoon tea.

First class British Airways

7. Korean Air

Korean Air has been another contender for "World's Leading Airline - First Class" at the Skytrax awards, and their top-of-the-line Kosmo Suites provide flyers with the ultimate privacy and comfort.

The airline has also created the all-new Celestial Bar which is a trendy airborne establishment done up in Chelsea, New York style.

They offer an assortment of menu options ranging from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Western. Some of the highlights are Korean-style dongchimi noodles and the Korean ginseng chicken soup.

8. All Nippon Airways

Riding First Class in Japan's All Nippon Airways feels reminiscent of riding the Orient Express. Each traveler is provided an international phone, private cabin, and a dedicated jacket closet.

Even business class passengers are greeted with technology like the Nishikawa Sangyo's Air Cyclone which allows guests to enjoy premium sleeping comfort and staggered seating for excellent privacy.

The amenity kit comes with relaxing facial mists, hand creams, and organic shea butter lip cream.

It might take some serious saving to afford a ticket on one of these luxurious airlines, but if you manage to book one, you won't ever want to get back on solid ground!