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Have you always dreamed of visiting Alaska, but haven't the slightest clue how to get to (or around) this remote state?

If so, don't panic. Planning a trip to Alaska can be incredibly overwhelming. Consequently, it may be time to consider an Alaskan cruise. Embarking on a cruise ship through Alaska will take you on an unparalleled journey through pure wilderness, massive glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and winding passageways across the Last Frontier State.

We've laid out the best cruises to take to Alaska in 2019, with a variety of price ranges, activities, and destinations to choose from. Whether you're a solo traveler, on a couples getaway, or planning a large family reunion, these Alaskan cruises come fully-equipped with comfortable lodging, eclectic dining, and endless entertainment.

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1. 10-Night Ultimate Alaska Cruise

Price: $1,719
Departs: Vancouver, British Columbia
Destinations: Ketchikan, Sitka, Skagway, Icy Strait Point, Juneau, Tracy Arm Fjord

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With salmon so fresh and air so crisp, this 10-night Alaskan adventure takes you through Ketchikan, known as the "Salmon Capital of the World" and home to the Tlingit people, an indigenous group who has carved the world's largest collection of totem poles.

Travelers on this cruise can take a canoe and nature trail excursion through the rainforest and tour the wild. A visit to Tracy Arm-Fjord Terror Wilderness is filled with crashing waterfalls, glimpses of humpback whales and harbor seals, and stunning snow-dusted mountain peaks.

Day five takes travelers through Skagway, with remnants of the Klondike Gold Rush sprinkled throughout, set amongst restored 19-century buildings and a historic railway.

2. 7-Night Alaska Northern Glacier Cruise

Price: $879
Departs: Vancouver, British Columbia
Destinations: Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, Juneau, Skagway, Hubbard Glacier, Seward

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Passengers heading out on this cruise will sail beyond the Inside Passage, Alaska's most iconic coastal route, weaving through the islands on the Pacific Northwest coast of North America. An intricate maze of bays, fjords and lush green islands capture the essence of this breathtaking passage, with opportunities to gaze upon Alaska's diverse wildlife, including orcas, bald eagles, puffins, and sea otters.

The ship drops anchor in Alaska's remote capital of Juneau, a popular cruise ship stop that can only be reached by boat or seaplane. This exclusive layover offers passengers the opportunity to embark on a glacial dogsled adventure.

Ice fragments in the water, snowy mountains in the background, Inside Passage, Alaska
Alaska's most iconic coastal route, Inside Passage. Pixabay / Schmid-Reportagen

3. 7-Night Alaska Southern Glacier Cruise

Price: $699
Departs: Seward, Alaska
Destinations: Hubbard Glacier, Juneau, Skagway, Icy Strait Point, Ketchikan

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A slightly more affordable 7-night cruise through Alaska, the Alaska Southern Glacier Cruise begins in Seward, a town lying on the edge of the Kenai Peninsula encompassed by the glacier-covered Kenai Mountains.

Within reach is Harding Icefield, an expanse of snow and ice created over 23,000 years ago. Extending 700 square miles, it remains one of the four major ice caps in the U.S.

Day two of this cruise arrives at Hubbard Glacier, situated 30 miles north off the coast of Yakutat and deemed one of Alaska's most galvanizing natural treasures.

4. 7-Night Alaska Tracy Arm Fjord Cruise

Price: $1,049
Departs: Vancouver, British Columbia
Destinations: Ketchikan, Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Skagway

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Beginning with a day spent in Vancouver, this 7-night cruise allows passengers to explore one of the world's most livable cities. Travelers can indulge in one of the culinary capitals of the world, tasting their way through fresh local seafood, farm-to-table produce, and authentic Asian flavors.

Guests will feel like celebrities with this cruise's elite accommodation options. The cruise ship's suites are attended by a personal butler who will assist you during every step of the journey, and you'll receive exclusive restaurant and lounge access as well.

The voyage ends with a day spent in Victoria, the seaside capital of British Columbia. Visitors can venture through the area's bohemian shops, coffee bars, and international eateries.

Cruise ships moored at peer beside tree-covered mountain, Alaska
Cruise ships in Alaska. Wikimedia Commons

5. 7-Day Awe of Alaska: Inside Passage and Glacier Bay

Price: $999
Departs: Seattle, Washington
Destinations: Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay National Park, Ketchikan, Victoria (British Columbia)

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Natural wonders, authentic wildlife sightings, a dogsled journey in Juneau, and an adventurous ride through Misty Fjords on a jet-powered catamaran are just a few of many things to experience on this 7-day Alaskan expedition.

Passengers of this cruise will hop aboard the Norwegian Bliss, a custom-built vessel featuring a revolutionary Observation Lounge designed to help you soak in every moment of your voyage. Catch glimpses of bald eagles soaring over glaciers, or humpback whales' tales gracefully bursting out from crystal clear Alaskan waters.

Whether you're a solo traveler on a budget or a rainforest couple looking to splurge, this massive cruise ship has an abundance of comfortable accommodation options. Lavish travelers can settle in at The Haven, the ship's most luxurious accommodation hidden at the top of the ship, featuring a 24-hour butler service, concierge service, and private sundeck.

6. 7-Night Alaska Cruise

Price: $699
Departs: Vancouver, British Columbia
Destinations: Inside Passage, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Hubbard Glacier, Seward

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Departing from Vancouver, this reasonable 7-night cruise takes passengers on a journey through some of Alaska's most prominent backdrops.

A day in Skagway can be spent unlocking the area's fascinating history with a visit to Klondike Gold Rush National Park Museum. Visitors get an in-depth look at Klondike and the two routes out of Skagway -- Chillkoot Pass and White Pass.

Cruising through Glacial Bay National Park and Preserve, travelers get the chance to bask in the bay's towering peaks and glaciers, including Mount Fairweather and Grand Pacific Glacier.

Cruise ship sailing up river flanked by mountains, Alaska

7. 10-Night Family Tundra Express Cruisetour 9A (Post Tour)

Price: $1,779
Departs: Vancouver, British Columbia
Destinations: Inside Passage, Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, Juneau, Skagway, Hubbard Glacier, Seward, Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali

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Photo ops galore abound on this 10-night Alaskan adventure, cruising through vast wilderness, rainforests cloaked in mist, and dramatic seascapes.

Witness the process known as calving, where massive chunks of ice crash into the bay, an occurrence that the Tlingit people refer to as "White Thunder."

Considered a family-friendly cruise, this specific Alaskan adventure features the Murie Science and Learning Center Denali Family Experience, combining ranger-led time with interpretive stops, while venturing into the park and seeking out wildlife.

8. 4-Night Alaska Getaway Cruise

Price: $499
Departs: Vancouver, British Columbia
Destinations: Ketchikan, Misty Fjords National Monument

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Another wallet-friendly Alaskan cruise, this four-night journey boasts off-the-charts exploration and unique experiences, including the ship's rock climbing wall and mini-golf course.

The cruise ship features a casual Italian trattoria with indoor al fresco seating, live entertainment, outdoor movie nights, and a spa and fitness center.

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