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Have you dreamed of cruising to Alaska? If so, there are plenty of reasons to stop putting it off. We've got 7!

An Alaskan cruise is unlike any other. It showcases a side of the U.S. that remains unseen by a large percentage of the population - the truly tameless immensity, full of adventures beyond count.

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1. The Freshest Seafood

If you love fresh seafood, then you are going to love your arctic cruise from the very beginning.

Does the thought of tasty Alaskan king crab legs dripping with melted butter make you salivate? Or do you prefer one of the five different varieties of salmon found in Alaska? Even if "cruise cuisine" doesn't necessarily appeal to you, you may want to partake in an Alaskan cruise just to sample the harvest of the sea. Seafood doesn't get much fresher than it does in Alaska!

When you dock, you can hop from one local bar or restaurant to another, such as the famous Tracy's Crab Shack, where you have to try the authentic salmon bake. Bottom line: the dining alone may be enough to justify sailing "way up north" if you're a fish fiend!

2. Get Up Close And Personal With Ice And Wildlife

While enjoying your cruise, you may have the chance to actually reach out and touch a real, live iceberg. Or, you may even pass within feet of a brown bear out there fishing for salmon.

In Alaska, there are countless glowing blue glaciers, as well as undisturbed wild animals patrolling the air, sea, and land. The best part is - you can see all of this from the comfort of a luxurious cruise ship.

It may be a bit more exciting (and dangerous) to happen upon a moose on a hike or an otter on a kayaking trup. But for those who prefer to meet and greet the fauna at a discreet distance, a cruise ship is an excellent way of doing so in style.

An added bonus is that the majority of all Alaska cruise itineraries include scenic cruising days. During this time, the sole intention is for you to grab a coffee and some binoculars, and scan the horizon for signs of bald eagles or a whale tail.

Whale tail sticking out of water

3. Incredible Photo Ops

You might think that the main appeal of Alaskan cruises would be the glaciers, buy they're just one of the many amazing wonders you will see. The scenic fjords, lakes, snow-capped mountains, and waterfalls are just as mesmerizing.

You will need to make sure you take plenty of camera batteries along to capture all the sights. Try to book a balcony room on your Alaskan cruise and get up as early as you can, as the sun rises early and sets later at this latitude during the peak months. That gives you even more time to seize on the amazing photo opportunities.

Man in blue glacial cave

4. Excursions On The Shore

When you decide to embark on an Alaskan cruise, there is a good chance you will have the opportunity to explore the shore. And, the best part is, you don't have to be willing or able to hike countless hours to enjoy these experiences.

You can take a helicopter ride over the wildness or take a floatplane to a bear-viewing park. If you do have the ability, you may also want to consider snorkeling in the chilly waters of the Ketchikan or even paddle boarding in Kenai Fjords National Park past Bear Glacier.

5. Unbeatable Luxury

If you are planning to visit Alaska, why not do it in comfort? When you opt to take a cruise ship, that means everything you could possible want or need is at your fingertips.

All three meals are prepared by professional chefs, and you can eat and eat and eat. Your stateroom attendant will clean up your room daily and provide a turndown service. You can use the onboard spa and gym at your convenience, or even attend enrichment lectures. Who couldn't get used to this type of service?

6. Alaska Is Quickly Changing

Unfortunately, climate change is real. Even with its huge repository of natural treasures, including iconic glaciers and sprawling rainforests, the landscape of Alaska is changing at an alarming rate.

When you visit Seward, home of the Exit Glacier, you will see signposts with years lining the path. These show a record of where the glacier used to sit. Now is the time to visit if you ever want to get a glimpse of the amazing arctic, glaciers, and more. Alas, they may not be around for very much longer.

Alaskan glacier

7. Meeting The Locals

There isn't anything quite like meeting the people who live in Alaska. Here you will find a diverse mix of ethnicities and heritages. You can learn about the timber trade from some friendly Alaskan Lumberjacks, or hear stories from Native American Folklore as depicted in the beautiful Haida and Tlingit totem poles.

A Caribbean cruise is fun. But if you want to explore America's northland, you might just want to consider floating there as well. It may not be as warm, but it's every bit as beautiful.