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Looking for a 5-star getaway in an agreeable climate? You may be thinking of beaches, palm trees, and heat. But plenty of tropical locales are actually more temperate. Check them out here!

1. Peru

Here, you'll find year-round blue skies and sunshine. Peru contains 30 of the world's 32 climate types, so it's impossible to truly describe an average Peruvian temperature. Huanchaco, a fishing village known for its surfing and tourism, is mild year-round with temperatures in the 70s to 80s in the summer. Winters typically see the mercury drop to the low 50s to high 60s (quite mild for most people).

On the other end of the scale, the Amazon rainforest covers nearly 60% of the country, bringing high temperatures and suffocating humidity.

Mountains and ruins of Peru
Peru also has incredible mountain ranges and striking ruins.

2. Brazil

Temperatures can rise above 100 degrees with low humidity from December to March. During their "cold" season, the average temperature is around 75 degrees. This means that the beach can be enjoyed nearly every single day of the year here. Not a bad deal, huh?

3. Hawaii

Like any other tropical location, it experiences its fair share of rain from April to October. Compared to other popular spots however, it offers the most time for you to spend in the sun. Not to mention volcanos, friendly locals, and flower necklaces.

The coast of Hawaii
The coast of Hawaii. Unsplash / Thomas Marban

4. Spain

During summer months, the country enjoys nearly 11 hours of sunlight daily. Average highs fall between 80 and 90 with low humidity levels. Spain also has one of the warmest winter seasons in Europe, and even its coldest month sees average highs around 60 degress, hardly chilly. For more great information about Spain, check out 17 Things To Do And See (And Eat!) In Spain.

5. Italy

Italy is an agreeable place to visit all year round, especially Liguria, the northwestern coastal region whose capital is Genoa. Most of the population lives near the coast because of the warm and sunny weather. Summer temperatures here are typically in high 70s to mid-80s, and the area is protected from the winds thanks to the nearby Alps. Wintertime is milder, with averages in the low 50s. While most of Italy is mountainous, you'll also find low-lying coastlines and plains too.

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Spainish city
Spain is also beautiful and historical, by the way! Wikimedia Commons

6. New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its moderate weather, but the northeast of the country is the most popular place to visit. This Southern Hemisphere stop experiences summertime from late December to February with highs averaging in the mid-70s. Wintertime temperatures can be cooler than other destinations listed in the mid-30S to 50s. But that's a small price to pay to visit Middle Earth, wouldn't you say?

7. Colombia

Medellin city in particular is a tourist favorite. It is situated in the lush, mountainous region of Colombia, and enjoyd spring-like weather throughout the year. Temperatures sit in the mid-60s to low 80s year-round. The rainy season offers minimal temperature fluctuations; however, it helps to provide a wide variety of colorful flowers, for which Medellin is famous.

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8. France

Choose towns such as Nice on the Mediterranean coastline in Southeast France. With the beautiful sea sights and the hilly terrain, this city offers a pleasant climate throughout the year. It receives middling amounts of rainfall and mild spring weather, as well as delightful, sunny summers. Enjoy beautiful beaches, shopping, and historical sites in this old town.

Coastline of Nice, France
Coastline of Nice, France.

9. China

Kunming city in the Yunnan province is a great city to visit in any season. It enjoys near-perfect weather with an average temperature of 68 degrees. Even in the summertime, the temperature never gets too high, and the winters are dry. Known for its stunning landscape and historical sites, enjoy spring weather year-round here during your Asian tour.

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10. San Diego

San Diego is a must-see city for those seeking the finest climate. Its great weather includes a mild summer with an average temperature of only 72 degrees. The winter is also mild, with average temperatures of only 58, which allows tourists and residents alike to enjoy the beautiful sights regardless of season. With over 300 sunny days annually, it is also one of the best cities in the United States for beach activities - and there are over 33 beaches in the city alone. Spring and fall promise summer-like temperatures too!

Beach at San Diego
Beach at San Diego. Unsplash / frank mckenna

11. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

This laid-back region of old Mexico boats myriad shops, clubs, restaurants, and endless beaches tracing the Caribbean shore. The average January temperature is 82 degrees. It's also a perfect paradise retreat during the cold, gray days of winter. Playa Carmen offers the longest strip of beaches in the area.

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12. Curacao

Just 40 miles north of Venezuela in South America, this tropical island is home to 30 beautiful beaches, and streets flanked by many-colored historical buildings. Enjoy a variety of activities during the mild climate all year round here.

13. Argentina

Because of the country's range of elevations, you can experience a variety of climates here, making it a great place for anyone to visit. Sun lovers can choose from one of many coastal beaches in the tropical rainforests in the north or in the southeast. You'll enjoy mild, dry and hot summers here too. Not only is it one of the best climates in the world, but it was also voted at one time the top place to retire to as well!

Mountains of Argentina
A mountainous glimpse of Argentina. Wikimedia Commons