Jill Browne

Expert Contributor

Canadian writer Jill Browne lives in Calgary, Alberta, not far from Banff National Park. She travels regularly to London, England, often solo, and has lots of tips for walking and sightseeing there. Jill blogs about London history on LondonHeritageHotspots as well as on Instagram. She loves to plan family history trips for people, especially when their roots connect them to the British Isles. Her website, Genealogy And Travel is devoted to genealogy travel and family history tourism, no matter where you are. You don't have to fly to get in touch with your ancestry.

An experienced road tripper, Jill has driven across Canada and the U.S. multiple times. She and her geologist husband have explored some of Australia and the North Island of New Zealand by car, and are hoping to go back for more. Jill likes gardens, forests, and anything with plants, really. "Adventure without risking life and limb" is her travel motto, and the byline for her blog, Middle of the Road Less Travelled.

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