Duff Gyr

Expert Contributor

Duff Gyr was born in Boulder, Colorado, raised near Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has spent all of his adult life in Switzerland and France, with a two-year stint in British Columbia, Canada. He actively explores the beautiful spaces he has lived and traveled. His journeys have taken him to Africa, Southeast Asia, and to the top of Mt. Blanc, as well as many other high points of Europe. He enjoys skiing and cycling, especially through French and Italian vineyards.

Duff enters retirement after nearly 40 years as an educator and life-long learner, with his last 25 years spent as a school principal. He is passionate about writing and has written short stories, a novella, and is working on a novel. He plans to write about his adventures, whether on foot, a bike, or skis. Duff is also the proud father of two grown men and has shared many adventures with them and his wife Magali.

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