For the 50+ Traveler

Whether you are saving for the ultimate bucket list trip, driving cross-country on a scenic road trip, or simply watching your budget, we can all appreciate a great deal on gasoline. Gas, like death and taxes, is something we can all count on in life (electric car owners excluded). Sure, we may complain about the inevitable spikes in gas prices and repeat the multitude of causes we heard on the news. However, gas is a necessary evil that gives us the ability to explore.

BP understands that and wants to help us all get back on the road again! Today through March 31, BP is giving you a $.15 discount on each gallon of gas* when you download their new free app, BPme. Simply click here, enter promo code "SAVINGS", and start saving. BPme Rewards perks do not end there, however! Read on to find out more about your newest favorite driving app.

*Offer applies to first fill-up after completing the first in-app transaction of $10 or more.

BPme App And BPme Rewards

BPme Rewards marketing image with app on cell phone

The BPme app is the go-to tool to help BP and Amoco customers save money with regular fuel savings, track historical fuel spending, and research the lowest gas prices nearby. The app was first launched in 2018 but received a huge facelift in January 2020 when BP launched their loyalty program, BPme Rewards. All of the information is easily accessible and utilized within BPme. This app soared in popularity over the past year, as it also allows people to pay for gas and automatically apply savings from their phones, staying socially distant and avoiding both the station's store and touching any gas pump buttons. This app is free to download and can be used at all BP and Amoco gas stations nationwide.

BPme: How It Works

Like many apps, BP has made it effortless to download and immediately begin saving with BPme. Download the app from your mobile phone, register for BPme Rewards within the app (or link an existing account), and begin exploring! This app allows customers to link their existing BPme Rewards account to immediately take advantage of fuel savings from their account, link a credit card for hassle-free payment, and even compare fuel prices nearby with BP's Price Match tool*.

*Price Match costs $.99 monthly.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the BPme app is that it allows you to program the gas pump from your phone! Stop touching the germy buttons and ditch the gloves; simply input the same information through the app and use your stored credit card for a limited-contact experience.

BPme Rewards: The Perks

BPme Rewards, the completely free loyalty program from BP and Amoco, helps save money each time you refill your gas tank. Within the BPme app, simply sign up for the rewards program, and remember the use the app for each gas station visit. For new loyalty members, the standard offering is $.05 savings on each gallon of gas for the first month. After that, as long as you continue to spend at least $100 on fuel each month at their service stations, the $.05 discount will continue. Additionally, the app will alert you to new Rewards available (and trust us, they keep the rewards coming!). It's free and promises to save you valuable pennies that truly do add up over time. What's not to love?!

Download BPme and start saving with BPme Rewards today!