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On December 4, 2021, the sun will go dark over Antarctica and the lucky voyagers aboard the Poseidon Expeditions Sea Spirit will have a mesmerizing and unobscured front-row seat.

A Solar Eclipse At The Bottom Of The World

Although solar eclipses are fairly common phenomena, occurring every 18 months or so, solar eclipses at the poles are fairly rare. It’s not a stretch to consider this cruise a once-in-a-lifetime chance to journey into the wild, uninhabited natural splendor of Antarctica, and to see the sun briefly blotted out over the planet’s most southern sea.

What makes the experience even more memorable is the fact that the sun shines nearly 24 hours a day in Antarctica during December, so you’ll be able to see the sky transition dramatically as the moon moves between the Earth and the sun.

Paul Sutter, a renowned scientist and published author, will be a special guest aboard the Sea Spirit, lending further credibility and prestige to this unparalleled journey.

The Sea Spirit in Antarctica.

Setting Sail For Antarctica

The Sea Spirit will set sail on November 21, 2021 from Ushuaia, Argentina and will return to the same port on December 12. Plan to arrive in Ushuaia on November 20, as your one-night hotel stay there is included. The southernmost city in Argentina, Ushuaia has a ton of character and you can spend your free day exploring the history of this fascinating region or simply enjoying a fine craft beer in one of the many cafes and quaint bars that line its streets.

The southern seas are abundant with sea life, and one of the first stops on this itinerary is the Falkland Islands: a fabulous place to check out penguins and albatrosses in their natural habitat. The Sea Spirit circles the Falklands for two days, briefly stopping in the Port of Stanley.

Penguins on South Georgia Island.

Up next: South Georgia Island. This truly off-the-beaten-path destination is home to many different kinds of penguins and sea lions and boasts untouched natural vistas. After bidding goodbye to this remote island, you’ll experience the solar eclipse as the Sea Spirit traverses the Scotia Sea. The trip will then conclude with a visit to the South Shetland Islands near the very bottom of the globe.

Two tourists with Poseidon Expeditions.

What You Need To Know Before Boarding

This bucket list trip is an extraordinary opportunity, so tickets do not come cheap. Plan to spend between $18,395 and $39,995 for your ticket to board the Sea Spirit. This ticket does not include airfare, alcohol on the ship, or staff gratuities. It does include your hotel in Ushuaia, accommodation, a complimentary parka, meals on board, excursions, and special glasses to wear during the eclipse.

Also, keep in mind that you should never touch wildlife, no matter how friendly or adorable the penguins or any other critters seem. The snow at the bottom of the earth is very reflective, so pack plenty of sunscreen to avoid getting the dreaded Antarctic sunburn.

Always stick with your guides during excursions. Antarctica is wild and unpredictable, and your guides are experts in both weather conditions and safety. Finally, Drake’s Passage is known for its rough seas. Even if you’re not prone to seasickness, pack medication so that you can enjoy your cruise to the fullest.

Antarctica is one of the last true wildernesses in the world, and an extraordinary bucket list destination -- not to mention the perfect place to see the 2021 solar eclipse. Read up on how to travel to Antarctica and what to do and where to go during an Antarctica bucket list trip.