Sydney vs Melbourne 7 Key Differences To Know Before You Visit

Size And Population Sydney and Melbourne have similar populations, but Melbourne is forecasted to surpass Sydney due to its reputation as the "World's Most Liveable City." However, Sydney remains the top choice for tourists due to its abundance of attractions.

Getting Around To See The Sights Both cities offer easy access to top sights, primarily located in and around their old city centers, with Sydney's train system and ferry rides providing convenient transportation, while Melbourne boasts iconic trams for city exploration.

The Weather Melbourne's unpredictable weather, famously dubbed "Four Seasons in one Day," requires residents to dress in layers and carry sunglasses and umbrellas, while Sydney boasts more sunshine days than Melbourne.

The Beaches Sydney boasts Bondi Beach and a vibrant beach culture, while Melbourne's beaches along Port Phillip Bay offer safer swimming and iconic Victorian bathing boxes at Brighton Beach.

Eating And Drinking Both Sydney and Melbourne boast top-rated restaurants and vibrant food scenes, with Melbourne renowned for its coffee culture and Sydney offering stunning rooftop bars. 

Shopping While Sydney and Melbourne offer superb options, they can be pricey, so it's wise to consider the exchange rate. Explore Sydney's Queen Victoria Building and Melbourne's laneways for unique finds, or join a guided shopping tour for insider tips.

Outside Of The City Limits While both Sydney and Melbourne offer superb attractions, exploring beyond the city limits unveils must-see sights like the Blue Mountains near Sydney or the wine regions and wildlife sanctuaries surrounding Melbourne.