10 Best Sea Glass Beaches In The World

Glass Beach, MacKerricher State Park Fort Bragg's Glass Beach, situated in Northern California near San Francisco, is renowned for its vibrant sea glass colors and unique history.

Davenport Beach Davenport, California Often likened to Seaham Beach, is a challenging but potentially rewarding destination known for its elusive multicolored glass treasures.

Grant Park Beach, Wisconsin This hidden spot showcases a diverse collection of sea glass, bottle stoppers, marbles, and smoothed shards.

Sea Glass Beach And Black Bay Beach Ireland Island, Bermuda The sea glass treasures here, attributed to a former glass factory, can be enjoyed a variety of ways including snorkeling.

Seaham Beach County Durham, UK My preferred sea glass beach, graced with high cliffs, expansive vistas, and dog-friendly paths, is renowned for its multicolored treasures.

Bovisand Beach, Bovisand Devon, UK This European beach resembles rocky coves evoking images of old-time smugglers, offering a blend of breath-taking tide pools with crabs and fish.

Essaouira, Morocco While exploring the site of Essaouira in Morocco, venture beyond the ramparts to the secluded rock pool beach, offering opportunities to also observe marine life.

Steklyashka Beach, Vladivostok, Russia This beach promises larger and more vibrant pieces, providing a dazzling spectacle whether visited on a sunny day or in the winter.

Sea Glass Beach Okinawa, Japan Explore a unique sand beach with a rich post-World War II history, where war remnants  transformed into smooth, colorful sea glass gems.

Brighton Beach Brighton Beach, a small cove and sandy beach is best to visit after high tide or a storm. It offers superb sea glass hunting and unique finds like old glass bottle stoppers.