Nan Ives

Expert Contributor

Nan Ives co-founded The Future of You to help people find the same sense of fulfillment and purpose as they had throughout their careers while still enjoying all the perks of being retired.

After working for 27 years in various leadership roles at Fidelity Investments, Nan thought she understood retirement — until she retired. She decided to use her passion for design thinking to immerse herself in the experiences of people planning for and living in retirement. Nan wanted to learn how people in retirement recapture a sense of purpose and strike the right balance of work, giving back, family, and fun.

Nan and her co-founder created a 4-step process to help you design your next chapter. In 6 weeks, The Future of You will take you from wondering what to do with your newfound free time to waking up with purpose, excitement, and a renewed vision for your new life.

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