Karen Barofsky

Expert Contributor

Karen was born with the travel gene. Her father worked for airlines and international travel companies before starting his own agency. Her earliest travel memory is dressing up to fly in hopes of an upgrade. Hooked at a young age, travel to destinations both on and off the beaten path has been a constant; as is her belief that there is always something new to discover in every destination and at every juncture.

A publicist who works with restaurants and hotels, she has lived in Miami Beach for close to 30 years and seeks out culinary adventure and interesting accommodation wherever she goes. A certified yoga instructor and avid reader, she is equally enamored of adventure and luxury travel. Among her favorite travel memories are Provence, Fiji, northern California, southern Utah, and sailing in the British Virgin Islands. Her bucket list is long but starts with yoga in India and visiting as many national parks as humanly possible.

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