Joy Fletcher, CPT, TBMM-CES

Expert Contributor

Joy is a Certified Personal Trainer, Senior Exercise Consultant, and co-owner of Agile 4 Life Fitness, where she teaches live online fitness classes and personal training to seniors. Her career as a fitness expert has spanned more than three decades. She has worked in hospital-based cardiac rehabs and weight management and designed fitness programming that has helped hundreds of men and women improve their overall health and fitness.

As a senior herself, Joy’s mission is to bring creative, fun, and science-based exercise programs to older adults so they can stay strong, active, and independent while living full lives on their own terms without the aches and pains of normal aging.

Since moving to Oregon, Joy spends her free time exploring her new surroundings, doing some remodeling, gardening, playing amateur photographer, and trying new recipes. She loves dabbling in computer design and plans on going back to pencil drawing when she starts slowing down.

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