Jill Whelan

Expert Contributor

When she was 11 years old and found out that as a cast member of “The Love Boat” she would get to take an actual cruise, she was filled with excitement and wonder. Sailing with Princess Cruises has been a part of the fabric of her life since those good old days, and she loves it just as much today as she did as a child.

Cruising is her favorite way to travel, and Princess ships have taken her to almost every continent on earth over the years. As a parent, she has been lucky enough to experience the same wonder and joy of cruising through the eyes of her children and family. Humans are by nature curious, and Jill is no different. She love's experiencing new cultures, food, art, and music. Her home, the meals they cook as a family, the art that hangs on their walls, and the interests that she and her children are passionate about have all come from experiences on board a Princess Cruise or the ports of call they visit.

She now sails along-side her husband Jeff, as they enjoy trips with both friends and family. As a couple who found each other a bit later than they had hoped, they have some spectacular new memories to cherish and many more to create on the next adventure!