Gladys Montgomery

Expert Contributor

An award-winning author and editor, Gladys has keyboarded hundreds of magazine features and columns, as well as five books focusing on travel, architecture, food, gardening, and lifestyle. She grew up on Long Island, has been an expat in Southeast Asia and Japan, and currently lives in New York City and western Massachusetts.

An inveterate traveler and architecture, history, and culture maven, she can tell you why features of the Alhambra show up in Victorian buildings, how the venerated Japanese tea bowl evolved from Korean folk pottery, where to find the best Bahn Mi on New York’s Upper West Side, and which single malt pairs best with raw oysters. What keeps her traveling is curiosity about places, people, and different ways of life. It amazes her that furnishings you see in Herculaneum have been there for 2,000 years, that the talcum-soft beaches of Borocay are lit at night by a thousand fireflies, and that red-tailed hawks circle Manhattan’s skyscrapers.

When Gladys isn’t traveling, you’ll find her tending her garden in the Berkshires, roaming the streets of New York, doing yoga, indulging her passion for photography and writing, or applying her architectural expertise to her real estate business.

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