Faith Coates


Fulfilling a lifelong dream to retire early and travel the world, Faith of XYUandBEYOND is now happily traveling to find the perfect place to retire. After spending a year in a tiny fishing village in the Yucatan, mangling Spanish and writing by the pool were the grim details of life here, itchy feet struck again.

After experiencing housesitting Faith decided this was a great budget way to travel. Faith considers herself an 'ass-end' baby boomer who is attempting to travel cheap (that's the Scottish blood in her). Faith has been writing for over 30 years, most of which was spent writing government speak for NGO’s trying to launch profit making enterprises. Raising millions of dollars for these causes with her writing, there wasn’t much time for the fun stuff. Faith loves writing about other cultures, travel, history, and food with a particular focus on Europe and Ireland.

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