14 Wonderfully Warm Places To Visit In March Enjoy the Warmth in Early Spring

Destin, Florida Destin, a Florida Panhandle gem, boasts pristine beaches and vibrant marine life. Optimal visit times are pre or post-Spring Break to relish serene moments by the crystal-clear waters and white sands.

Cancún, Mexico Cancún's inviting weather makes March an ideal time, avoiding extreme temperatures. Experience the grand spring equinox celebration at Chichen Itza, a marvel built by the Mayans who incorporated celestial insights into its construction.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Manuel Antonio, a charming beachside town with upscale accommodations, offers proximity to the beach and easy access to the biodiverse Manuel Antonio Park, a Costa Rican gem.

Cartagena, Colombia March in Cartagena, Colombia, with its balmy temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to high 80s, beckons travelers with tropical warmth amid the city's historic Old Town charm.

Lima, Peru Lima, with its bustling population of 10 million, is a captivating destination and an ideal visit in March during Peru's peak tourist season, offering warm coastal weather for exploration.

Buenos Aires, Argentina Experience the charming Parisian ambiance of Buenos Aires in March, with its mild fall weather providing a delightful backdrop for exploring European-style monuments, enjoying international cuisine, and witnessing the passionate Argentine tango in the streets.

Dublin, Ireland Experience a unique Saint Patrick's Day celebration in Ireland, the holiday's birthplace, with five days of festivities in mid-March, offering a distinct and less crowded experience than the summer months.

Venice, Italy Experience the grandeur of Carnevale in Venice, Italy, as the city transforms with elaborate costumes, masks, and lively parades during late February or early March, creating a joyful and festive atmosphere.

Melbourne, Australia Explore Melbourne's rich mix of modern and historic landmarks, including Flinders Street Station and State Library Victoria, as the city enjoys pleasant temperatures in the mid-70s to 80s during the tail end of summer in March.

Cape Town, South Africa Embrace the pleasant March weather in Cape Town, with its stunning coastal views and mountains, perfect for hiking Table Mountain, touring vineyards, exploring historic sites, and enjoying the renowned international jazz festival.

Petra, Jordan Petra, the ancient Rose City south of the Dead Sea, renowned for its pink-hued stone cliffs and the carved cliff face of the Treasury, is a wonder of the world with a history spanning over 200,000 years.

Rishikesh, India Renowned as the Yoga Capital of the World, Rishikesh, nestled in the Himalayan foothills along the Ganges River, attracts seekers of enlightenment year-round. In March, it hosts the International Yoga Festival, featuring yoga classes, cooking sessions, and talks by spiritual leaders.

Canary Islands, Spain Dubbed the islands of eternal spring, the Canary Islands provide a blend of Spanish culture, stunning beaches, and captivating volcanic scenery, all with the advantage of fewer tourists, making it an ideal destination.

Maui, Hawaii March offers a less crowded and milder climate in Maui, perfect for enjoying the warmth and sunshine after winter. Explore black sand beaches, discover waterfalls, and witness stunning sunsets at Haleakala for an unforgettable visit.