Top 5 Beach Destinations on the East Coast

Cape Cod, Massachusetts: With quaint seashore towns, crystal-clear white sand, and old lighthouses, Cape Cod is a favoured get away for East Coast swimmers.

Outer Banks, North Carolina:  Stretching over a few miles along the line of the coastline, at Outer Banks visitors can find different beaches of various types, historic sites, and water sports facilities that enjoy a high reputation.

Miami Beach, Florida:  Art of Miami Beach, the city is confided to the sandy shores, the trendy nightlife as well as the architecture of the city Art Deco style on the world-famous Ocean Drive.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:  A family-oriented location lying opposite to the shoreline having an endless list of attractions, Myrtle Beach appeals to just almost everybody for it displays powdery white sands, amusement parks, and championship golf courses.

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts:  Mesmerizing is a word that perfectly fits Martha's Vineyard with its cozy old-style towns, peaceful cycling paths, and clear purity of the ocean.