Top 10 U.S. International Airports With The Most Global Connections

Heathrow Reigns: Heathrow Airport, London, tops global connectivity again, showcasing its dominance in international travel networks, per OAG's Megahubs Index 2023.

JFK's Surge John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, jumps to the second spot globally for international connectivity, a significant rise from 2019.

Chicago O'Hare's Domination Chicago O'Hare International Airport leads in domestic connectivity, emphasizing its pivotal role in U.S. air travel networks.

Atlanta's Vital Role: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport maintains its status as one of the world's busiest, serving as a key hub for domestic and international flights.

Denver's Regional Influence Denver International Airport serves as a major domestic connector, linking various destinations within the U.S. with a focus on regional travel.

Seattle's Gateway Seattle-Tacoma International Airport acts as a significant hub, facilitating connections to domestic and international destinations, particularly in the Pacific Northwest.

Los Angeles's Global Reach Los Angeles International Airport serves as a vital gateway to international destinations, reflecting its importance in global air travel networks.

Las Vegas's Tourist Hub: Harry Reid International Airport (formerly McCarran) serves the Las Vegas area, connecting visitors to key international destinations like Toronto and Vancouver.

Dallas Fort Worth's Connectivity Dallas Fort Worth International Airport plays a crucial role in linking domestic and international travelers, particularly in the southern U.S.

Miami's Gateway to the Americas Miami International Airport serves as a major gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, offering extensive international connections.