The 10 U.S. Airlines With The Most Flight Delays And Cancellations

Allegiant Air Based in Las Vegas, Allegiant serves small to medium cities with low fares. However, over 27% of its flights were delayed or canceled.

JetBlue Airways:  New York-based JetBlue flies to over 100 destinations but had 23.20% of flights delayed or canceled.

Frontier Airlines Denver-based Frontier, committed to low fares, had over 21% of flights delayed or canceled.

Envoy Air A subsidiary of American Airlines Group, Envoy experienced nearly 20% of flights delayed or canceled.

United Airlines Chicago-based United operates a vast network but had 18.6% of flights delayed.

American Airlines Second-largest U.S. airline, based near Dallas, saw 18.55% of flights delayed.

Spirit Airlines Miramar-based Spirit offers ultra-low fares but faced 17.96% of flights delayed.

Southwest Airlines Dallas-based Southwest, the largest U.S. airline, had just under 17% of flights delayed.

Alaska Airlines Based in Seattle, Alaska had slightly under 17% of flights delayed despite serving over 120 destinations.

SkyWest Airlines Fifth-largest U.S. airline, based in Utah, had only 15.99% of flights delayed, serving 236 cities.