Stay Smart: Top Tips for Sleeping Well in Hotels

Traveling is exciting, but a good night's sleep in a new environment can be elusive.

Here are some key tips to overcome the challenges of sleeping in hotels and ensure you wake up refreshed and ready to explore.

Bring a travel pillow if you have specific needs. Consider a sleep sack if you're concerned about hotel linens.

Comfort & hygiene

Adjust the thermostat or use blankets to find a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Temperature control

Inspect the bed and room for signs of bed bugs before unpacking. Store luggage off the floor.

Bed bug prevention

Choose a well-reviewed hotel in a safe area. Pick a room on a high floor but not too high. Inspect the room for safety features and report any issues.

Safety and security

Adjust your sleep schedule and light exposure before your trip. Get sunlight and avoid caffeine and alcohol upon arrival.

Combating jet lag

Keep a consistent sleep schedule and bedtime routine throughout your stay.

Maintain sleep hygiene

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