Scuba in Bali: How to Dive at Bali’s Karang Lestari Bio-Rock Reef

Enjoy Bali's Natural Beauty: Bali is renowned for its lush greenery, colorful coral reefs, and unique culture, making it a beloved tropical hotspot.

Preserve the Ecosystem: With increasing tourism, preserving Bali’s natural wonders, including coral reefs and coastlines, has become a high priority for both locals and visitors.

Explore Innovative Conservation Projects: The Karang Lestari Bio-Rock Reef Project in Pemuteran regenerates lost coral reefs, providing a unique and effective conservation effort alongside a top diving experience.

Understand the Importance of BioRock Technology: BioRock technology uses a minute electrical current to spur coral growth, leading to the restoration of Bali's damaged reefs and supporting local fishermen's livelihoods.

Visit Both BioRock Locations: Karang Lestari in Pemuteran and Deus BioRock in Gili Trawangan offer incredible underwater sculpture parks. Karang Lestari’s longer existence makes its sculptures more vibrant.