Luggage Wrapping: To Wrap or Not To Wrap?

Purpose of Plastic Wrapping Luggage: Plastic wrapping is for security, preventing damage and theft. It's been practiced for twenty years and is easily removable with a sharp tool.

Reasons to Wrap Your Luggage: Wrap luggage if it has many straps or a non-traditional shape to prevent damage. It also protects against weather and offers slight security.

Why Wrapping Might Be Unnecessary: The TSA will cut through plastic wrap if needed, and it doesn’t affect X-ray visibility. Unwrapping can be a hassle and time-consuming.

Alternative Security Measures: A TSA-approved lock provides better security than plastic wrap. Invest in quality luggage with features like built-in locks, charging banks, and geo-locators.

Additional Luggage Safety Tips: Choose strong, flexible luggage and consider a tracker. Carry spare zip-ties for emergency fixes to ensure you reach your destination without issues.