Key Largo vs Key West 10 Key Differences Between Them

Small Town Versus Small City Feel Key West offers a vibrant city vibe, bustling with businesses and nightlife, while Key Largo exudes a more relaxed, small-town atmosphere, making it ideal for families seeking a quieter getaway with water sports opportunities.

Dive Shops Versus Dive Bars Both Key Largo and Key West offer a range of aquatic activities like kayaking and snorkeling, but Key Largo is better suited for diving enthusiasts with more dive shops, while Key West boasts a livelier social scene with numerous bars.

Fishing Key West is the go-to destination for fishing enthusiasts, hosting numerous tournaments and championships, while Key Largo offers unique experiences like tranquil tours through its national park due to its mostly protected waters.

Closer Versus Farther Into The Keys Key Largo serves as the gateway to the Keys, while Key West marks the journey's end, offering a serene escape from Miami's hustle.

Pedestrian Friendly Versus Car Needed Key West is one of the best destinations for pedestrians and cyclists, with most attractions walkable or bikeable, while Key Largo typically requires a car due to its larger size and spread-out attractions.

Familiar History Versus The More Obscure Key West boasts famous sites like Hemingway's house and the Conch Republic, while Key Largo offers lesser-known historical sites, making it ideal for those seeking unique destinations.

Touristy Spots Versus Local Hangouts Key West is bustling with tourist attractions and nightlife, while Key Largo offers a more laid-back atmosphere with fewer tourist-centric spots.

Cost Of Staying Versus Cost Of Getting There The cost of staying in Key West is similar to Key Largo, but the main difference lies in transportation expenses, with Key West's flights being typically pricier than driving to Key Largo from Miami.

Sinking Sun Vs. Setting Sun Key West offers a unique sunset experience, with its famous sinking sun and the phenomenon of the green flash, celebrated nightly in Mallory Square with vibrant entertainment and local vendors.

Available Day Trips Explore nearby islands like Islamorada Key for snorkeling or venture to the mainland for shopping in Fort Lauderdale or Miami. Key West offers tours to Dry Tortugas National Park for a day of island adventures.