How Did Czechia Become the Beer Capital of the World?

Explore Beyond the Usual Suspects: Consider Czechia over the UK, Germany, the US, or Korea for a true beer-centric experience. It holds the record for beer consumption.

Embrace Czechia's Beer History: Czechia’s beer culture dates back to the 1100s, with influential breweries founded by monks and major breweries established by the 1700s.

Recognize the Cultural Impact: Beer is vital to Czechia's culture and economy. Cities like Prague and institutions like the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting maintain beer legacies.

Understand the Beer Classification: Czech beer is classified by strength: Light beer (8°), Draught beer (10°), Lager beer (11-12.99°), and Special beer (13°). Popular brands include Pilsner Urquell and Kozel.

Experience Beer Culture in Person: Visit Prague for beer tours and festivals like Slunce ve Skle Beer Festival. Check for updates on the Czech/Prague Beer Festival relaunch.