Greek Islands & Ancient Mythology: Where to Find Gods & Goddesses

Greek mythology, featuring flawed and complex gods, goddesses, and deities, evolved over centuries. Their influence remains significant in history, culture, and modern tourism.

Ikaria - Exile of Icarus: Ikaria, known for Icarus' myth, offers a relaxed atmosphere, golden beaches, wineries, and hiking trails. It provides a peaceful escape for visitors.

Anafi - Home of the Argonauts: Anafi, near Santorini, is tied to Jason and the Argonauts. This tranquil island with its single village, Chora, is a hidden gem.

Delos - Home of Apollo & Artemis: Delos, near Mykonos, is an archaeological site significant to Apollo and Artemis. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, ideal for history enthusiasts.