First Trip to Europe? Here’s What to Pack

Americans are easily recognizable abroad, regardless of our clothing brands, walking habits, or language skills. Europeans can spot us as easily as we can spot them in the Mall of America.

Focus on essentials like space, weight, luggability, and shoes when packing for Europe. Those who pack poorly often face tough lessons. Let's start your European trip with the ultimate packing guide.

Lightweight, hard-shell luggage is crucial. Europe has fewer elevators and narrower hallways than the US. Lightweight luggage is easier to carry and less likely to damage.

Comfortable, lightweight shoes are essential for extensive walking. Closed-toe shoes for city grime and lightweight sandals for warmer days are recommended. Avoid heavy and impractical shoes.

Pack clothing based on the season. Casual European outfits are akin to American business casual. Embrace your style but be practical. Experiment with your look if desired, but pair it with suitable shoes.

Bring minimal accessories. Essentials include portable chargers, personal hotspots, travel belts, mini handheld fans, and possibly a travel garment steamer. Avoid open bags to deter pickpockets and bring favorite over-the-counter medications.