Bimini Bliss: Top 11 Activities You Can't-Miss

The Fountain of Youth

Legend has it that Ponce de Leon searched Bimini for the mythical Fountain of Youth. Today, a well with crystal-clear water beckons you for a sip. Whether it grants eternal youth is up to you!

Bimini Road

Bimini Road, a mysterious underwater rock formation, has some believing it's the lost road of Atlantis. Explore this marvel while snorkeling and let your imagination run wild.

Encounter Ocean Wonders

Experience the magic of swimming with dolphins in their natural Caribbean habitat. Unlike confined encounters, here you explore dolphin hangouts and witness their majesty firsthand.

Dolphin House Museum

For a unique artistic experience, visit the Dolphin House Museum in Alice Town. This structure, adorned with a mesmerizing mosaic of shells, coins, and more, is a celebration of marine life.

SS Sapona 

Explore the SS Sapona, a partially submerged shipwreck with a fascinating past. Originally built for WWI, it later served as a casino, supply ship, and even a Prohibition-era rum runner!

Bimini's Beaches

Bimini's beaches offer the perfect spot to unwind; from luxurious options with cabanas and amenities to simpler beaches where you can soak up the sun at your own pace.

Bimini Wahoo Mayhem

Bimini Wahoo Mayhem is the Bahamas' biggest big game fishing tournament. Held annually during peak Wahoo season, it attracts teams across the Caribbean.

Bimini Nights 

After a day of adventure, Bimini's nightlife awaits. Head to King's Highway in Alice Town for a lively scene with bars and clubs to keep the party going!

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