Amtrak Sleeper Cars: 11 Things You Need to Know Before Booking

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Getting Cheaper Tickets

Not all sleeper cars are created equal! Viewliners (mostly East Coast) offer more storage and taller rooms, while Superliners (mostly West) boast double-decker layouts.


Viewliner vs. Superliner

Freshen up with ease! Locate the shower room at the car's end (Viewliner) or downstairs (Superliner). Amtrak provides essentials (except shampoo) - bring flip-flops for added comfort.


Sleeper Car Shower

Choose based on space and budget. Roomettes fit 1-2 travelers, while Bedrooms offer more space, a private bathroom, and accommodate 2-3 (though 3 might be tight).


Roomettes vs. Bedrooms

Sleeper car passengers enjoy complimentary meals in the dining car. There are plenty of options to choose from. Your attendant will guide you through reservations and mealtimes.


Fine Dining on Rails 

Not all trains offer Wi-Fi! Download movies, shows, or books beforehand, especially if you plan to work or enjoy entertainment during rural stretches with weak cell signals.


Unplugging or Catching Up? 

Take advantage of Amtrak's generous baggage allowance (2 checked, 2 carry-on). Pack essentials in your carry-on to avoid cluttering your cozy compartment.


Pack Smart, Travel Light

BidUp allows passengers to upgrade their seats. Research BidUp beforehand to understand the process and potential savings.


Upgrading Your Experience

While compartments lock from the inside and have privacy curtains, there's no external lock. Exercise caution with valuables and consider using a hidden money belt.


Security on Board:

Show appreciation for your attendant's attentiveness and the dining staff's service by tipping them in cash. Consider tipping the attendant per day or at the end of the trip, and the server per meal.


Tipping Your Crew

Amtrak offers accessibility features and assistance. If you have mobility challenges, inquire about downstairs compartments (Superliner) and be aware of potentially steep and narrow stairs.


Amtrak Accessibility

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