8 Thrilling Outdoor Activities to Try in the US

Rock Climbing:  Scale up the heights of Yosemite or conquer the challenging terrains of Joshua Tree for an exciting adventure in incredible views.

White-water Rafting:  Get on the Colorado River or the Gauley River with your friends for a wild ride or you can take a peaceful cruise down the Ohio River.

Zip Lining:  Swoop over breathtaking Hawaiian thick forests or glide picturesquely over Colorado canyons, enjoy the rush of wind and the adrenaline intake.

Backpacking:  Journey across the ragged Appalachian Trail and travel the scenery of gorgeous Pacific Crest Trail.

Skydiving:  Get pumping with frenzy adrenaline rush when you are provided with the opportunity to glide through the air from thousands feet above the ground and greatly appreciate the stunning views below.

Mountain Biking:  Whether gliding on Moab's slickrock wonderland or tearing through the steep drops in Whistler's mountainside tracks, challenge yourself at a new level.

Canyoneering:  Immerse in niche slot in the canyons of Utah's Zion National Park and unravel the mysteries of secret waterfalls in Hawaii's canyons.

Paragliding:  Gaining knowledge through flight by the place weird like the scenery of the coast or mountains of Montana or even just the sensation of flight itself and the freedom that comes with it.